An Early Glimpse Of The New LEGO City Freight Train (60336)

23rd April 2022

LEGO City Freight Train (60336)

LEGO has uploaded an image of the upcoming LEGO City Freight Train set to their instructions database giving us an early glimpse of the set which presumably will be a replacement for the existing LEGO City Cargo Train (60198) set.

The image isn't the best quality but from what we can see it looks like it is very similar to its predecessor. It features a more modern looking engine at the front of the train followed by two differing container trailers and then a car transporter trailer at the rear. You also get a mobile crane / forklift vehicle that you can use to help remove items from the train.

The track layout is identical to the one you get with the Cargo train and you also get 6 minifigures, the same number as before.

Altogether this doesn't really offer anything new but does give us a nice upgrade over existing sets and will be a good addition to any LEGO city.

Posted by Chris on 23rd April 2022

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