Top Tips for Successful LEGO Investing

LEGO money

LEGO investing has become very popular over the past few years, which has caused the prices of retired sets to soar. This has benefited those that got in early, but there’s still plenty of money to be made if you prepare well and know how to avoid the common pitfalls. In this article, we run through our top tips for LEGO investing.

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The Ultimate Guide to LEGO Minifigure Misprints

LEGO Deadpool minifigure misprint

LEGO is renowned for its stringent quality control, but mistakes do happen in its production line. They're rare occurrences but when minifigures are involved it can lead to wrongly coloured body parts, wonky printing, or printing that is missing completely.

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Is the LEGO Disney 100th Celebration (40622) a Good Investment Set

LEGO Disney 100th Celebration set

2023 saw the 100th anniversary of Disney, and LEGO released a number of products to commemorate the occasion. One of these was the Disney 100th Celebration, which is scheduled to retire at the end of the year, despite only hitting shelves in February. With time running out to buy this set, we consider whether it's worth buying as an investment.

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How Rare are the LEGO Employee Christmas Gift Exclusives?

LEGO Christmas X-Wing

One of the many perks of working for LEGO is that the company puts on its Santa hat each year and gives all its employees, regardless of their role, a free exclusive set, as a thank you for all their hard work. In this article we’ve provided our best estimates as to how many of each exclusive were distributed.

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Is the LEGO Icons Galaxy Explorer (10497) a Good Investment Set?

LEGO Icons Galaxy Explorer set

The Galaxy Explorer was released in August 2022 as one of the sets commemorating LEGO's 90th anniversary. Surprisingly, the set is due to retire less than two years later, at the end of 2023. With this relatively short window of availability, we thought it timely to consider how well this set is likely to perform on the secondary market.

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All San Diego Comic Con LEGO Minifigures Ranked by Rarity

LEGO Spider-man set

For many years LEGO has given away exclusive minifigures and small sets at the world’s oldest and largest Comic Cons: New York and San Diego. These free giveaways are typically distributed via a randomised prize draw to only a small number of lucky winners. Due to their rarity, they are among the most sought-after items for LEGO collectors. Most of them rarely come up for sale, and when they do they fetch eye watering sums of money.

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Is the LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle (76178) a Good Investment Set?

LEGO Daily Bugle set

The Daily Bugle is due to retire at the end of 2024, which means there's still plenty of time left to add it to your collection or investment portfolio. However, this could change, so it can be worth acting early so as not to be disappointed. If you're thinking of buying this set to make a profit when it retires, then read on, as in this article we consider whether it's a good investment or not.

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Is the LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley™ (75978) a Good Investment Set?

LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley™ set

Just behind Hogwarts Castle, the second edition of Diagon Alley is the second biggest Harry Potter set LEGO has made. With a scheduled retirement date of December 2024 there's plenty of time to purchase this set either for building or investment. In this article we'll do some analysis to answer the question "Is this a good investment set?".

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Are LEGO Advent Calendar Minifigures Worth Collecting?

LEGO Santa Jango Fett minifigure LEGO Festive Darth Vader minifigure

It's that time of year when AFOLs are swapping chocolate for LEGO and looking forward to opening their advent calendars each morning to see what minifigure or build is behind the little door. While some advent calendar minifigures are fairly standard, some contain unique and charming festively decorated parts. But have you ever considered whether any of them are likely to be collectible in the future and worth looking after, instead of neglecting them come Boxing Day? To answer that question, we take a look at the top 10 most valuable LEGO advent calendar minifigures, based on new condition sales from the past 6 months.

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The Rarest LEGO Minifigures Ever

LEGO Gold and Silver Boba Fett

The first LEGO minifigure appeared in 1978 and since then billions have been produced. In that time there have been numerous exclusives and commemorative minifigures that have only appeared in very limited numbers. Some of these are familiar to the LEGO community, as they turn up on the secondary market from time to time. However, others are less well known, and often their location is a mystery. In this article, we provide a rundown of the minifigures that occupy the top 12 places on the rarest minifigures list.

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Is the LEGO Marvel Carnage (76199) a Good Investment Set?

LEGO Marvel Carnage set

The end of 2022 will see a large number of Marvel sets leave shelves for good. One of these is Carnage, meaning time is quickly running out to buy it in stores at retail price. Therefore, in this article we review its investment potential for those looking for an opportunity to turn a profit.

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Is the LEGO Architecture Tokyo (21051) a Good Investment Set?

LEGO Architecture Tokyo set

At the end of 2022, we'll be waving goodbye to a large number of LEGO sets, one of which is the architecture set of Tokyo's skyline. It's now the time of year that many collectors will be prioritising which sets to buy to try and make some profit with on the secondary market. Therefore, in this article we review Tokyo's investment potential to see if this is one you should be adding to your basket in the coming months.

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Is the LEGO Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile (76188) a Good Investment Set?

LEGO Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile set

By the end of this year we'll be waving goodbye to several LEGO Batman sets, one of which is the Classic TV Series Batmobile, meaning there are only a few months left to pick this set up at retail price. In this article we look at whether the classic Batmobile is likely to be hot property on the secondary market, or whether it's one to ignore if you're looking for a good investment.

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Is the LEGO Elf Club House (10275) a Good Investment Set?

LEGO Elf Club House set

Each year LEGO releases a new festive set under the Creator Expert / Icons theme, with the Elf Club House being the 2020 offering. Each typically has a shelf life of approximately two years, so in keeping with this schedule, the Elf Club House will retire at the end of 2022. As there is little time left for investors to buy the Club House at retail price, in this article we consider whether you should prioritise adding this set to your collection.

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Is the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet (75304) a Good Investment Set?

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet set

The Darth Vader Helmet is one of many Star Wars sets that will retire by the end of 2022, meaning time is running out to purchase it at retail price. Whether you're wanting to add this set to your collection, or thinking about buying it as an investment, knowing how its price will perform post-retirement will influence if and when you decide to buy it. In this article we consider whether the value of the Darth Vader Helmet will go up or not, and by how much.

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The Top 10 Most Expensive LEGO Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Sets

LEGO Battle at the Black Gate set

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit themes were both introduced in 2012 alongside the release of the first move in the Hobbit trilogy. The last sets to retire from both these themes left the shelves in July 2015, meaning there was only a short window in which to buy them. In that time there were 16 LotR sets and 19 Hobbit sets that could be purchased from LEGO stores. In addition to these, there were several San Diego Comic-Con exclusive minifigures and polybags.

Due to the short shelf life and high popularity of the two movie franchises, it's not surprising that these sets now sell for significantly more than their original RRPs. In this article we look at the ten most valuable regular sets (i.e. excluding Comic-Con exclusives) based on their Bricklink sales in new condition over the past six months.

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The Top 10 Most Expensive LEGO Lord of the Rings Minifigures

LEGO Azog minifigure LEGO King of the Dead minifigure LEGO Mouth of Sauron minifigure

The Lord of the Rings theme was released alongside the Hobbit theme in 2012, which was nine years after the release of the last movie in the LotR trilogy. However, the wait was worth it as LEGO fans were treated to some great sets and accompanying minifigures. There were 44 minifigures in total, and here we present the ten which now fetch the greatest price (based on sales over the past 6 months on Bricklink).

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Is the LEGO Disney Castle (71040) a Good Investment Set?

LEGO Disney Castle set

By the end of 2022, we'll see a large number of Disney sets leave LEGO shelves. The biggest of these by far is the iconic Disney Castle, which depicts Cinderella's fairy tale home. Time is therefore fast running out to add this set to your collection, either to build or to keep as an investment. If you are looking to this set as a means to turn a profit in the years to come, this article will help you decide whether to fork out or not.

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The 5 Best LEGO Sets to Buy in 2022 for Minifigures

LEGO Mos Eisley Cantina set

Boba Fett's Helmet is just one of the Star Wars sets that will retire by the end of the year. This means there's only a few months left for those thinking of adding it to their collection. In this article we consider whether this is a set you should be investing in and how well its price is likely to perform post-retirement.

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The Top 10 Most Expensive LEGO Batman Minifigures

The LEGO Group sure loves Batman! So much so that since they introduced him into the Legoverse in 2006, Lego has made over 300 different variants of him, the most of any character in LEGO history!

Trying to collect all of the Batman minifigures is a challenge in itself as there are new variants released every year. In this list we'll countdown the top 10 most valuable.

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The Top 10 Most Expensive LEGO Hobbit Minifigures

LEGO Witch King of Angmar minifigure LEGO Azog minifigure

The Hobbit theme was introduced in 2012 alongside the release of the first movie in the trilogy. Before the theme was retired in 2014, 24 sets and 65 minifigures were released, which have proved immensely popular in the years that followed and now fetch large sums on the aftermarket. In this article we focus on the Hobbit minifigures and present the ten most expensive, based on sales over the past six months.

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Is the LEGO Attack on the Burrow (75980) a Good Investment Set?

LEGO Harry Potter Attack on the Burrow set

By the end of this year we'll be waving goodbye to a bunch of Harry Potter sets, one of which is the Attack on the Burrow (75980). This means time is quickly running out to pick it up at retail price. Therefore, in this article we take a look at the investment potential of Attack on the Burrow and whether it's one of the sets you should be prioritising.

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The Top 10 Most Expensive LEGO Castle Minifigures

LEGO Forestman - Pouch, Green Hat, Black Feather, Quiver minifigure LEGO Forestman - Pouch, Green Hat, Black Feather, Quiver minifigure

Castle is one of longest running LEGO themes, having been introduced way back in 1978. The theme not only focuses on castles, kings, queens, and knights, but also other aspects of medieval life. In addition, there have been various departures from the traditional, with the theme extending to fantasy and mythological elements, such as magical wizards and witches, ghosts, skeleton warriors, trolls, dwarves, and dragons. Consequently, there have been a variety of minifigures belonging to a number of different factions and subthemes.

In this article we provide a rundown of the top ten most expensive Castle theme minifigures. The prices presented are the average sale price of each minifigure (inc. both new & used condition) from the past 6 months.

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How To Buy Cheap LEGO - eBay Buying Guide

eBay logo

When I tell a non-AFOL about my LEGO collecting, the cost invariably comes up, and is most often greeted by slightly widened eyes and open mouth. LEGO certainly has a premium price, but you are buying a quality product. Anyone who has handled or built a LEGO set can attest to that.

However, there are ways you can minimize your spending. For example, buying directly from the LEGO Group is usually not the most cost-effective. Authorised retailers often have significant reductions on selected sets, with 20% or more off the RRP not being uncommon. For retired sets and preowned LEGO, there are several options, with the most frequently used being Bricklink, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay. Of these three, eBay is the only platform offering an auction format, which provides the best opportunity for getting LEGO at prices significantly lower than the market rate. However, if you're not careful, you can also end up paying way over the odds.

In this article, we provide some essential buying tips to help you navigate the pitfalls of eBay and secure some bargains.

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5 LEGO Sets to Buy in 2022 Before They Retire

LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer set

The end of the year is always a time when we see many sets leave shelves. By December 31st we'll have said goodbye to over 300 sets, meaning you have less than 6 months to get your wishlist organised, and your bank balance sorted, in time to make those crucial purchases. Unless you have an endless pot of money and infinite space, it can be difficult to decide which retiring sets to buy. To help make this decision, we've picked out our five favourite sets retiring by the end of 2022, on the basis of their quality of design and build, uniqueness, and investment potential.

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The Top 10 Most Expensive LEGO Big Figures (Big Figs)

LEGO Red Hulk figure LEGO Killer Croc figure

The LEGO minifigure has been with us now since 1978 and they've come a long way in that time. Clever part design, sophisticated moulds, and a huge repertoire of colours and finishes have allowed characters from all corners of real and fictional worlds to be successfully and lovingly represented in minifigure form.

Since its introduction, the dimensions of the minifigure have remained largely set in stone, and this rigidity brought limitations, particularly around the issue of scale. This was overcome with variations of some parts, such as shorter legs to depict children and smaller characters. Longer torso parts and headpieces also worked well to depict characters slightly taller than the average human. However, as LEGO branched out to themes based on worlds from the realms of fantasy and science fiction, it inevitably encountered beings of much larger proportions. This posed a challenge as LEGO couldn't credibly show the difference in height between a human and a towering colossus from another universe through small part variations. They needed to go beyond the archetypal minifigure.

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The Top 10 Most Expensive Retired LEGO Harry Potter Sets

LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley set

LEGO Harry Potter has been with us now for over 20 years, and in that time, over 130 sets have been produced. We've been treated to a wide range of locations, scenes, and characters from Hogwarts Castle and its grounds, as well as places from the wider wizarding world, such as the Burrow, Hogsmeade, and Diagon Alley to name but a few. Such is the abundance of Harry Potter sets, that many locations and scenes have gone through multiple versions, and there are only a few settings from the books and film franchise that are yet to make their way into brick form.

If you are young enough, or new enough to LEGO, that you weren't on the scene in 2001 when the Harry Potter theme came into being, then it's likely there are many sets missing from your collection. Due to the age of some sets, and the everlasting popularity of the boy wizard, it's no surprise that you'll need to take out a small loan at Gringotts to get your hands on some of them. In this article we look back at the entire back catalogue of sets from the wizarding world to find the ten most expensive. To compile this list, we looked at the average sale price on Bricklink over the past 6 months. It's no surprise that new, unopened sets from the early days are now hard to come by or too pricey for many, so in some instances no sales of a particular set occurred on Bricklink in that time period. In these instances, we took the average asking price of the set in a new condition.

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The Top 10 Most Expensive LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures

LEGO Professor Trelawny minifigure LEGO Professor Dolores Umbridge minifigure LEGO Professor Remus Lupin minifigure

LEGO started producing Harry Potter sets in 2001 to go alongside the film releases. Some of these sets can fetch over £500 in a new and sealed condition like the 3rd edition of Hogwarts Castle. If you bought it on release day for £69.99 and sold it today for £500 that would be a yearly return of £, much more that you'd have achieved letting it just sit in a savings account.

A lot of the time the reason why retired sets are so sought after is because they contain rare and exclusive minifigures. In this list I'll go over the top 10 most expensive Harry Potter minifigures right now.

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Are LEGO Gift with Purchases (GWPs) Worth the Spend?

We all love getting something for free, and when that something is LEGO, it's even better. LEGO offers this opportunity through its Gift with Purchases (GWPs), which are small builds given away with orders from of certain sets, or orders above a certain value. These exclusives can be an attractive incentive to purchase that set you've been wanting through the official channel, rather than through another retailer.

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Is the LEGO 123 Sesame Street (21324) a Good Investment Set?

Time is running out until 123 Sesame Street enters the LEGO archives. By the end of this year, it will be consigned to LEGO's extensive back catalogue, giving you a little over 7 months to pick it up. So without further ado, we take a look at whether adding it to your basket could make for a fruitful investment...

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Bricklink Crowdfunding Round 3 - Is It Worth It?

The 3rd round of the Bricklink Designer Program opens on May 17th at 10:00am Pacific / 7:00pm CET. The program allows selected LEGO Ideas projects, which reached the 10,000-supporter threshold, but didn't make the final selection for becoming an official LEGO Ideas set, to receive a second chance to make it into production through three crowdfunding rounds.

Each crowdfunding round typically contains 8 unrealised LEGO Ideas projects, with the first five to reach 3,000 crowdfunded pre-orders, winning a production run of up to 10,000 sets. The first crowdfunding round, which began in July 2021, saw the 10,000 pre-order limit sell out within minutes for Castle in the Forest (910001), and The Great Fishing Boat (910010) was not too far behind.

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The Best Performing LEGO Sets of 2020

In a previous article we presented the most profitable sets that retired in 2021, and in this article, we follow that up by taking a look at those sets that left shelves at the end of 2020. In our analysis, we looked at the average sale price on Bricklink over the last 6 months. To increase the accuracy of this analysis, we only included sets which had sold more than once in that time. However, this resulted in only two sets being excluded.

A total of 208 sets retired at the end of 2020, of which, 64 are now selling for more than their RRP. For five themes, 100% of the sets that retired now see a profit. These were: Architecture, Ideas, Jurassic World, MINDSTORMS, and Seasonal (Chinese New Year). Here is a rundown of the ten most profitable sets.

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The Best Performing LEGO Sets of 2021

There are many of us out there who, in addition to buying LEGO sets for the pleasure of building, will decide to purchase a set in the hopes that it will become highly sought after once it leaves shelves, and prove to be a lucrative investment. Knowing which sets to speculate on, and which to ignore, can be difficult, especially if you are relatively new to LEGO. And with some sets fetching hefty three figure sums, it's a decision you'll want to get right.

Like any investment decision, its helps to know your market and do your research. Therefore, in this article we look at the current value of all 276 sets that retired at the end of 2021, to see if there are any trends that can be spotted to help inform these decisions.

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The Top 25 Most Expensive LEGO Animals

LEGO Tyrannosaurus Rex with Dark Red Back LEGO Tyrannosaurus Rex with Reddish Brown Back

LEGO minifigures get a lot of attention from collectors, with many buying sets just for the minifigures and having no intention to display, play with, or even assemble, the set itself. This is evidenced by the numerous Ebay listings of LEGO sets that you see every day stating MINIFIGURES NOT INCLUDED. Some minifigures are sought after to complement a personal collection, while many are bought as investment pieces. And smart investments many of them are, as they can skyrocket in value following discontinuation of a set and continue to rise for years afterwards. They also have the added benefit of being much easier to store than your £500 UCS Star Wars Set.

We've previously put together top 10 lists of most expensive minifigures from a range of themes, but in this article, we take a different tangent and look at the 25 priciest LEGO animals, because as you will see, many have done extremely well. We have included living, extinct, and fictional animals found on land, in the air, and under the water. So if you're thinking about selling any of your old sets, you might want to have a look at this list first.

We have priced all the animals in the list according to the asking price of those currently on sale at Bricklink. We have provided a cost range, which represents what is needed to purchase each figure in new or excellent unused condition.

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The Top 10 Rarest LEGO Sets Ever

At the time of writing this LEGO has produced over 18,000 sets over the space of 72 years. However not all LEGO sets are created equal and some are much rarer than others.

In this article we'll dive into 10 of the rarest LEGO sets in existence (in no particular order) along with what you can expect to pay to add it to your collection. Being rare doesn't always mean it's expensive but they often go hand in hand as we're about to find out.

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Is the LEGO 1989 Batwing (76161) a good investment set?

Over the past couple of years LEGO has created what I like to call UCS Batman sets. Bigger, more detailed and ultimately more expensive sets aimed at adult collectors, similar to what they have done for Star Wars.

The first set in this sub theme was set 76139, the 1989 Batmobile released in November 2019. The second is the aforementioned 1989 Batwing and in November last year we got the Batmobile Tumbler (76240).

In this article I will go into the set in more detail and hopefully answer the question of "Is this a good investment set"?

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The Top 10 Most Expensive LEGO Spider-Man Minifigures

In 2002 the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man film premiered in cinemas and at the same time LEGO picked up the licensing rights to start producing sets based on the much loved web slinging Superhero.

20 years and 8 films later, LEGO is still churning out new sets for us to buy and in that time we've gotten over 150 versions of Spider-Man minifigures. Some of them, as you'd expect, are more valuable than others so today we are going to count down the top 10.

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The best ways to store LEGO minifigures

LEGO Minifigures

If you are investing in LEGO minfigures it's also worth investing time and a little money into storing them properly. Everything degrades over time and LEGO is no exception despite it generally being very durable.

While what I'm about to say isn't gospel and advice may differ depending on who you speak too, I do have many years of experience collecting and here are some tips and tricks I've picked up along the way.

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Why are Lord of the Rings LEGO sets so expensive?

Something I get asked a lot when discussing LEGO investing with friends and family who may not know that much about it is, "Why are Lord Of The Rings LEGO sets so expensive?"

It's a good question, and one that I'll try and answer in this article.

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Is the LEGO Creator Expert London Bus (10258) a good investment set?

Typically LEGO sets retire at the end of the calendar year but we start to notice them getting harder and harder to find from late October onwards. So as we approach this time of year I'm sure many of you start to ask yourself the question, "What sets will make a good investment?"

The LEGO Creator Expert London Bus is scheduled to retire at the end of this year / early next year and today we're asking the question "Is the London Bus a good investment set?"

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The Top 10 Most Expensive LEGO Star Wars UCS sets

LEGO has released hundreds and hundreds of Star Wars sets over the years, it's a cash cow that they just keep on milking. However out of all of the set the UCS ones (Ultimate Collectors Series) have the highest RRP and are designed to appeal to AFOL's and die hard fans of the films.

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The Top 10 Most Expensive LEGO Star Wars Minifigures

Since the first LEGO Star Wars set in 1999, it's been the most popular LEGO theme year on year bringing in the most sales for The LEGO Group. The films are well know globally and with the release of prequels and sequel it's helped to introduce new generations to the Star Wars franchise. Therefore it's no surprise that some of the most expensive LEGO minifigure ever made have come from the Star Wars theme and in this list we've going to count down the top 10.

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The Top 10 Most Expensive LEGO polybags

LEGO Stormtrooper polybag LEGO Darth Revan polybag LEGO Boba Fett polybag

The humble LEGO polybag has been around since 1983 with the first sets being used as promotional toys for McDonalds Happy Meals. LEGO poylbags usually contain small builds, minifigures, or sometimes even both. Some of the polybags containing promotional minifigures have become very desirable, so today we're counting down the top 10 most expensive LEGO polybags.

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Is the LEGO Friends Central Perk (21319) a good investment set?

LEGO Central Perk set

A set that may be retiring this year, that could have slipped under your radar is the Central Perk cafe from the Friends sitcom. Set number 21319 is part of the Ideas theme and originally started life as a fan designed set which LEGO then produced. Ideas sets usually have a shelf life of between 1-2 years and considering Central Perk was released in October 2019 there's a very strong chance it will retire in 2021.

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All LEGO San Diego Comic Con Minifigures ranked by value

Every year since 2011 LEGO has brought exclusive minifigures to San Diego Comic Con to be given away for free to lucky winners. Normally they bring 3 or 4 figures and while no one knows the exact production values it's rumored to be around 2,000 - 3,000 of each one.

Because of their rarity and exclusivity these minifigures become extremely valuable as collectors try to get hold of them. The cheapest ones can be picked up for £150.00 ($200) while the most expensive ones sell for over £3,000 ($5,000)!

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Is the LEGO Aston Martin DB5 (10262) a good investment set?

LEGO Aston Martin DB5 set

As a massive James Bond fan I was stoked when LEGO released this set somewhat under the radar back in 2018 and even today it's arguably the best Creator Expert vehicle.

I say arguably the best because not only is it a fantastic model with a ton of innovative building techniques but it also has a plethora of play features such as changeable number plates, deployable bullet proof shield and a working ejector seat!

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10 valuable LEGO minifigures that you might actually own

LEGO Tree House minifigure LEGO Tree House minifigure LEGO Tree House minifigure

LEGO minifigures are highly collectable with some going for thousands of pounds. While they may be unobtainable for the majority of us we've come up with a list of minifigures that you actually have a chance of owning that can still fetch a pretty penny.

If you were buying LEGO sets from 2000-2010 you may have some of these lying around the house.

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Is the LEGO Ideas Tree House a good investment set?

LEGO Tree House set

The LEGO Ideas Tree House was reportedly scheduled to retire at the end of 2020 but it appears as though this has been pushed back as LEGO have continued to sell the set into 2021. However with retirement more than likely to happen at some point this year, we're taking a look at whether or not it's a good investment.

The set is number 21318, it's been on sale since 2019 and comprises of 3,036 pieces which equates to 5.9p per piece. The Tree House has seen nothing but positive reviews and I think this is a set we will look back on in years to come with very fond memories.

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Is the LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster (10261) a good investment set?

LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster set

With the LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster set due to retire any day now we're looking into the question of is this a good investment set?

The roller coaster set has been on sale since June 2018, comprises of 4124 pieces and retails for £299.99. First things first this is a fantastic set, it's the first lego roller coaster we've seen and is both a great display piece and play set.

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