Armada Port achieves 10,000 Supporters

9th August 2022

LEGO Ideas Armada Port

Armada Port has made it to 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas and is now in the running for becoming an official set.

The set’s designer is BrickHammer who has achieved 10,000 supporters on several previous occasions. One of those is the Viking Village project, which has also made it into the second review round of 2022. BrickHammer’s creations tend to be focused on classic historical LEGO themes, such as Castle, Western, Adventurers, and Pirates. The Armada Port is one such example, as it pays homage to Imperial Armada, which was a small subtheme of Pirates. Enthusiasts of LEGO Pirates will see some resemblance to the Eldorado Fortress and Imperial Trading Post sets, which were the two largest sets for the Imperial Guards, as there is a familiar white and yellow colour scheme. Both these sets are now very popular on the secondary market and fondly remembered by older LEGO fans, so it’s no surprise that this project made it to the 10K mark.

The build includes some design elements of real-life Caribbean architecture and tries to capture the feel of Caribbean ports like Havana. The small island settlement contains a wooden pier, storehouse, small residential dwelling, and a large fort housing a bastion and governor’s house. There is also a small crane and boat for loading/unloading cargo and four minifigures to populate the port.

LEGO Ideas Armada Port

One of our criticisms of the Pirate theme was that the villains frequently overpowered the colonial and imperial guards by having larger ships. If this project was approved for becoming an official LEGO ideas set, it would bring some balance to maritime battles and give the recently retired Pirates of Barracuda Bay an enemy to attack.

The Armada Port joins 36 other projects in the second review of 2022. The full list of projects can be found below:

Posted by Graham on 9th August 2022

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