Coraline: The Pink Palace Enters the Review Round on LEGO Ideas

6th October 2023

LEGO Ideas Coraline: The Pink Palace project

Coraline: The Pink Palace has gained enough support on LEGO Ideas to enter the third review round of 2023.

The project depicts the Pink Palace apartments that the central character moves to in the 2009 animated film Coraline.

LEGO Ideas Coraline: The Pink Palace project

The set contains 2,999 pieces and is built to minifigure scale. Four minifigures are included in the design of Coraline, Charlie Jones, Mel Jones, and Alexander Bobinksi.

Unusually, the project's designer, Thebigchicken, hasn't shared any images of the interior, so what's behind the giant pink facade is a mystery. However, the exterior looks very striking and is a great likeness to the source material.

The seven other projects to have achieved 10K supporters in the current review round are listed below:

Posted by Graham on 6th October 2023

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