Desktop Rock'N'Roll Enters the Review Round on LEGO Ideas

23rd October 2023

LEGO Ideas Desktop Rock'N'Roll project

The Desktop Rock'N'Roll project has reached the requisite 10,000 supporters needed to enter the review round on LEGO Ideas.

The project depicts a retro jukebox from the 1950s, which is designed to be a convenient size for displaying on your desk. The designer has been clever to avoid basing the project on any one jukebox brand, with the project instead resembling a generic jukebox from the period. This will help avoid any licensing hurdles that could trip up the project once it goes under review.

LEGO Ideas Desktop Rock'N'Roll project

The main feature of the design is the retracting song selector screen, that rises up when pulling out the central draw. This reveals a stage and dance floor with a performing guitarist and a couple bopping along. Here you'll also find a jukebox representing a miniature version of the project design.

LEGO Ideas Desktop Rock'N'Roll project

The two top corners of the jukebox can be taken off to reveal an upper floor. This houses a jukebox employee and turntable mechanism for playing the songs.

LEGO Ideas Desktop Rock'N'Roll project

At the back of the jukebox is a slot for inserting coins, which drop into a collection box on the upper floor

I think this project stands a recent chance of being approved, but it depends on the expected demand for such a set.

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Posted by Graham on 23rd October 2023

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