LEGO City Summer 2023 Sets Revealed

2nd May 2023

LEGO's summer 2023 City sets have appeared on the website of German retailer JB Spielwaren, giving us a good look at what's to come. They include the largest and most expensive city set ever, the Urban Center, which eclipses the previous largest, the 60097 City Square, by over 300 pieces.

There is a focus on the arctic in several of these sets, and they bring us the first ever LEGO seal and orca whale.

Below are all the details on piece counts and prices we have so far. The release dates are not confirmed, but we expect them to hit shelves in June 2023.

Car Wash

LEGO Car Wash set

Set number: 60362

Price: £TBC / $TBC / €19.99

Pieces: 243

Available: 1st June 2023 (estimated)

Ice Cream Shop

LEGO Ice Cream Shop set

Set number: 60363

Price: £TBC / $TBC / €34.99

Pieces: 296

Available: 1st June 2023 (estimated)

Skate Park

LEGO Skate Park set

Set number: 60364

Price: £TBC / $TBC / €54.99

Pieces: 454

Available: 1st June 2023 (estimated)


LEGO Apartments set

Set number: 60365

Price: £TBC / $TBC / €84.99

Pieces: 688

Available: 1st June 2023 (estimated)

Ski and Climbing Center

LEGO Ski and Climbing Center set

Set number: 60366

Price: £TBC / $TBC / €104.99

Pieces: 1,045

Available: 1st June 2023 (estimated)

Arctic Explorer Ship

LEGO Arctic Explorer Ship set

Set number: 60368

Price: £TBC / $TBC / €149.99

Pieces: 815

Available: 1st June 2023 (estimated)

Arctic Explorer Snowmobile

LEGO Arctic Explorer Snowmobile set

Set number: 60376

Price: £TBC / $TBC / €9.99

Pieces: -

Available: 1st June 2023 (estimated)

Underwater Explorer Driving Boat

LEGO Underwater Explorer Driving Boat set

Set number: 60377

Price: £TBC / $TBC / €29.99

Pieces: 182

Available: 1st June 2023 (estimated)

Deep Sea Explorer Submarine

LEGO Deep Sea Explorer Submarine set

Set number: 60379

Price: £TBC / $TBC / €104.99

Pieces: 842

Available: 1st June 2023 (estimated)

Urban Center

LEGO Urban Center set

Set number: 60380

Price: £TBC / $TBC / €209.99

Pieces: 2,010

Available: 1st June 2023 (estimated)

Construction Vehicles and Wrecking Ball Crane

LEGO Construction Vehicles and Wrecking Ball Crane set

Set number: 60391

Price: £TBC / $TBC / €49.99

Pieces: 235

Available: 1st June 2023 (estimated)

Family House

LEGO Family House set

Set number: 60398

Price: £TBC / $TBC / €52.99

Pieces: 462

Available: 1st June 2023 (estimated)

Posted by Graham on 2nd May 2023

Graham is a passionate LEGO collector, who has a penchant for the Castle, Pirates, and Western themes. You can usually find him monitoring the latest developments and giving his opinion on what's hot and not in the LEGO world.