Zoo Roars Its Way to 10,000 Supporters

31st October 2022

LEGO Ideas Zoo

The LEGO Ideas project Zoo has gained support from 10,000 fans and is now in the running to be turned into an official set.

The project came about because of the designer's frustration with there not being an existing LEGO zoo to add to their city. This gap has been beautifully filled with this multistorey creation. The project uses the same 32x32 stud footprint as the Modular buildings range so could be neatly integrated into many a LEGO city.

The zoo consists of an open area at the base, where the big cats can roam around, a jungle biome for monkeys and birds, a small forest for the bear and skunk, a cave for a snake and bats, and lastly an arctic area for a polar bear and penguins. LEGO minifigures can tour the whole zoo via raised walkways with built in lookouts. This project makes great use of the existing stock of LEGO animals, but if it got approved, hopefully we'd see a few new creatures added to that line-up.

LEGO Ideas Zoo

Because of the diversity of biomes, the menagerie of animals, and compatibility with other LEGO sets, this is one of our favourite Ideas projects we’ve seen in recent years.

Zoo joins the 20 other projects that have already made it to the third and final review round of 2022. The full list of supported projects is provided below:

Posted by Graham on 31st October 2022

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