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Hero Recon Team

The Hero Recon Team (11995-1) is a LEGO Hero Factory set .

This LEGO set has 31 pieces and had a RRP of $12.99 (£9.99 / 11.99€) which equates to a price per piece of 0.42c (0.32p / 0.39€) .


This set contains 0 minifigures.

Set pieces

The Hero Recon Team has 31 pieces and is ranked 10825 on the list of biggest LEGO sets ever made.

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Set details

Name: Hero Recon Team

Theme: Hero Factory

Set number: 11995-1

Status: Unknown

Pieces: 31

Minifigures: 0

Released: -

Retired: -

US Flag $12.99
GB Flag £9.99
EU Flag 11.99€
US Flag 0.419c
GB Flag 0.322p
EU Flag 0.387€

Set value

Confidence: Low

Current value: -

Increase from RRP: -

Where to buy

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Faded medal
10825th biggest LEGO set ever made
Faded medal
73rd biggest LEGO Hero Factory set

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