LEGO Pig Farm & Tractor set

Pig Farm & Tractor

The Pig Farm & Tractor (7684-1) is a LEGO City set that was released in March 2010 and retired in August 2011 with a shelf life of 1 year and 6 months .

This LEGO set has 256 pieces and had a RRP of $34.99 (£26.99 / -€) which equates to a price per piece of 0.14c (0.11p / 0.00€) . Since it retired it has grown in value by 207.7% and now has a value of $107.68 based on average sale price over the last 6 months.

Price over time

New condition


This set contains 2 minifigures with a combined value of $6.05. All of the minifigures in this set are exclusive, meaning they don't appear in any other LEGO sets.

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This set contains 4 animals with a combined value of $31.78.

Monthly sales

Value breakdown

The current value of Pig Farm & Tractor is $107.68

The 2 minifigures in this set make up 6% of the total set value.

The Overalls Farmer Green, Red Short Bill Cap, Beard and Glasses minfigure is the most valuable minifigure in this set who alone contributes 3% of the sets value .

Set pieces

The Pig Farm & Tractor has 256 pieces and is ranked 3719 on the list of biggest LEGO sets ever made.

The most common colour in this set is Light Bluish Gray

The most common part in this set is Slope 30 1 x 1 x 2/3

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Set details

Name: Pig Farm & Tractor

Theme: City

Sub Theme: Farm

Set number: 7684-1

Status: Retired

Retired for: 12 years, 11 months

Pieces: 256

Minifigures: 2

Released: March 2010

Retired: August 2011

Shelf life: 1 year, 6 months

US Flag $34.99
GB Flag £26.99
EU Flag -€
US Flag 0.137c
GB Flag 0.105p
EU Flag -

Set value

Confidence: Medium

Current value: $107.68

Increase from RRP: 207.7%

Yearly ROI: 16.1%

Where to buy

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Most expensive:
Overalls Farmer Green, Red Short Bill Cap, Beard and Glasses
Least expensive:
Farm Hand, Female, Overalls Blue over V-Neck Shirt
% of set value:


Faded medal
3719th biggest LEGO set ever made
Faded medal
72nd biggest LEGO City set

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