2024 LEGO Inside Tour Set Revealed as The Vault (4000042)

20th April 2024

This year's exclusive set that's given out to participants of the LEGO Inside Tour, has been revealed.

In case you didn't know, each year LEGO hosts a 3-day VIP experience that includes tours of LEGO's Billund campus. As part of the event, each tour participant gets given an exclusive set, which rank as some of the rarest LEGO sets ever made.

This year there were eight tours held and while each tour gets the same set, it comes in packaging unique to that tour, as on the back of the box is a picture of each tour group.

2024 LEGO Inside Tour Set The Vault front of box
2024 LEGO Inside Tour Set The Vault back of box

The picture posted online shows that each tour set variant has been limited to 50 copies, given a total production run of 400. While most of these copies are for the participants, some are given to tour organisers, and a copy of each set variant will go to the LEGO vault, which is the subject of this year's set.

The hallowed LEGO vault contains a copy of every LEGO set ever made and is located at the LEGO house. Outside of the company, only a few lucky people are invited to visit the vault each year, and we're still waiting…

If this set ever gets sold on the secondary market, you can expect it to have a price tag of several thousand dollars.

Posted by Graham on 20th April 2024

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