Will We Get any LEGO Rings of Power Sets?

23rd July 2022

Amazon Prime’s much hyped and keenly anticipated The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power series will land on our devices in September. As the name suggests, it’s based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and is set thousands of years before The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. It’s been 8 years since the last on-screen instalment of Middle Earth action, so Tolkien fans have been waiting patiently for more for some time. The same can be said for LEGO fans, as the last sets based on the fantasy world left shelves a year later in 2015.

Those relatively new to LEGO have had to fight it out on the secondary market to get their hands on any Hobbit or LotR-based sets and minifigures, and pay the eye-watering prices that these now command. We can also feel sorry for Tolkien fans that were on the LEGO scene from 2012 to 2015, as considering the expansiveness of Middle Earth and the many different locations and characters that featured in the film franchises, the 40 sets that were produced under the two themes seems a bit miserly.

Many are therefore hungry for more, so when the Rings of Power was announced, there was much optimism that a revival was imminent. It was also revealed that the first eight-episode series will be followed by four more. However, as yet there has been no hint of a rumour that LEGO Rings of Power sets will arrive on shelves. Considering that sets accompanying a TV series or movie usually tie in with their release, the signs do not look great.

With the planned longevity, and the huge level of interest that is expected around the series, it would be surprising if there wasn’t a complementary LEGO theme. It might just be that Amazon are wanting to keep their cards close to their chest for now, and not let a range of LEGO sets ruin any surprises for what’s in store. While Amazon and LEGO have a partnership of sorts in place already, with Amazon being an authorised retailer, this would be the first time an Amazon Prime series has been officially recreated in brick form. If it happens, it could pave the way for many more.

With optimism in mind, we’ve broken down the first and second teaser trailers that have been released so far to see what sets could hopefully be on the horizon.


Rings of Power - Numenor

Númenor is an island kingdom of men, which is considered to be one of the greatest kingdoms in all of Middle Earth. A port city appears at the beginning of the first trailer, with impressive architecture built out of white stone. At the centre is a giant statue of a Númenórean standing proudly with his sword. If a LEGO set was to recreate its proportions faithfully, it would need to be a very substantial build. To convey the coastal nature of the city, one of the many boats we see moored against the buildings and sitting on the water would need to be recreated. Due to the size of the city, it would be highly impractical for a set to include everything, so LEGO would have to be selective about what they include. There are likely going to be some key scenes that take place inside the city, which could form the basis of a larger or smaller set.


Rings of Power - Tirion

At the beginning of the second trailer, the camera follows Finrod (Galadriel’s brother) cresting a hill to reveal the Elven city of Tiron, with the Two Trees in the background giving light to Valinor (Land of the Valar). Like Númenor, Tirion is also built out of white stone, which gives it an ethereal look. The towering structures we see would require a LEGO set to achieve some serious height to replicate the city faithfully!

The Two Trees if done well could make for a spectacular addition to the main build. LEGO could take inspiration from some of the building techniques used across the Botanical range, which has produced some fantastically realistic creations. Lighting elements have all but died out in modern sets but would be very worthwhile here.


Rings of Power - Khazad-dûm

Throughout both trailers we get a couple of looks of the vast underground kingdom of Khazad-dûm, otherwise known as Moria, that lies under the Misty Mountains. Anyone who has seen the Lord of the Rings, can attest to its gigantic proportions. Given that the Rings of Power is set much, much earlier, Moria is in a much better state. It’s full of waterfalls, fresh vegetation, and impressive, pristine structures carved into the rock faces. It also appears full of life, so such a set should contain a good collection of dwarf minifigures.

Ice Troll Battle

Rings of Power - Ice Troll Battle

In both the first and second teaser trailers we get a glimpse of a giant Ice Troll in combat with Galadriel. We see them in some kind of underground setting, although it's not clear where exactly it is. There has only been one minifigure version of the great elf, so another one with her outfitted in the armour we see in the trailers, rather than her pearly white robes, would be great. The Ice Troll could also make for an excellent Big Fig. The previous two Big Figs in the Hobbit and LoTR themes (Cave Troll and Goblin King) were both done well, so it would have a high standard to live up to. Duels sets are very well suited to smaller builds, which would nicely complement the larger ones on this list.

Meteorite Strike

Rings of Power - Meteorite Strike

One of the key moments in the trailer is a meteorite hitting Middle Earth. The foreboding around this event is palpable from the reactions on screen. As yet, we don’t know who the mysterious character that rises from the impact zone is, with some people guessing it could be Sauron or a Balrog. The first of these is more plausible. Obviously, it would be difficult to depict the meteorite flying overhead or the moment of impact in a LEGO set, but the fiery scene that follows would be possible. Again, this would be well suited to a small build, with a couple of minifigures. LEGO would need to preserve the Meteor Man’s modesty though.

At the moment this wishlist is exactly that: wishful thinking. But we are quietly hopeful some LEGO Rings of Power sets will materialise at some point, maybe just not this year. As always, we’ll keep our ears to the ground and notify you of any developments.

Posted by Graham on 23rd July 2022

Graham is a passionate LEGO collector, who has a penchant for the Castle, Pirates, and Western themes. You can usually find him monitoring the latest developments and giving his opinion on what's hot and not in the LEGO world.

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