All LEGO San Diego Comic Con Minifigures ranked by value

16th March 2021

Every year since 2011 LEGO has brought exclusive minifigures to San Diego Comic Con to be given away for free to lucky winners. Normally they bring 3 or 4 figures and while no one knows the exact production values it's rumored to be around 2,000 - 3,000 of each one.

Because of their rarity and exclusivity these minifigures become extremely valuable as collectors try to get hold of them. The cheapest ones can be picked up for £150.00 ($200) while the most expensive ones sell for over £3,000 ($5,000)!

The prices and images for these minifigures have been taken from, my go to place for buying new and used LEGO.

LEGO Bard the Bowman San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#26 - Bard the Bowman

Year released: 2014

Price: £70.00

We start off our list with Bard the Bowman who wasn't actually an exclusive minifigure as he also appeared in the "The Battle of Five Armies" set the same year. Therefore you're only really paying for the card and packaging which explains why he's the cheapest to buy at £70.00.

LEGO Apocalypseburg Unikitty San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#25 - Apocalypseburg Unikitty - £125.00

Year released: 2018

Price: £125.00

Apocalypseburg Unikitty is different to most of the entries on this list because she isn't minifigure but rather a small build made up of 17 pieces. Only her 1 x 3 printed face pieces is exclusive and all of the others can be found in other sets.

She was released in 2018 to help promote The LEGO Movie 2 but the fact that she isn't a real minifigure is why she is low down on this list.

LEGO Unikitty San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#24 - Unikitty

Year released: 2014

Price: £130.00

Similar to Apocalypseburg Unikitty is a build rather than a minifigure and can be bought for £5 more.

LEGO Vixen San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#23 - Vixen

Year released: 2017

Price: £160.00

A lot of people have commented that Vixen is a boring minifigure but I disagree.

She is the cheapest exclusive traditional minifigure LEGO have brought to any Comic Con (New York included) at £160.00

LEGO Black Lightning San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#22 - Black Lightning

Year released: 2018

Price: £165.00

Like a lot of the figures, Black Lightning was produced to tie in with the TV series. Although the TV series was pretty small, the film was really successful so I expected him to do a lot better in terms of value than he has done. He's one of the only minifigure than can be picked up for under £200.00

LEGO Barb San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#21 - Barb

Year released: 2019

Price: £190.00

When Barb from Stranger Things showed up at the 2019 edition it was a nice break from the plethora of Marvel and DC characters.

Although her value has been pretty stagnant since then that could change with the announcement of season 2 of Stranger Things. Especially if LEGO decides to make more sets to sit alongside "The Upside Down".

LEGO ATOM San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#20 - ATOM

Year released: 2016

Price: £200.00

ATOM is a surprising one for me because I expected him to be a lot further up this list. He is covered from head to toe in detail AND comes with an exclusive stand! What's not too like?

His value is probably reflected by the fact that he's not that well known in the DC universe.

LEGO Arsenal San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#19 - Arsenal

Year released: 2015

Price: £215.00

In 2015 there were only two minifigures given out and this was one of them. The reception for the TV series this minifigure promoted wasn't amazing which is reflected in his current value.

LEGO Bizarro San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#18 - Bizarro

Year released: 2012

Price: £265.00

Bizarro is one of my favourite SDCC minifigures, I just love the printing on his torso and head piece.

Before 2013 the SDCC minifigures used to come on cards with a 2 x 2 tile pieces attached to them which you could place the minifigure on. These cards are prone to a lot more wear and tear than the blister packs which I think is why they are less sought after.

LEGO Deadpool Duck San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#17 - Deadpool Duck

Year released: 2017

Price: £275.00

Deadpool Duck was quite a strange choice for LEGO because he's quite an obscure Marvel character that only appears in the comics.

However when I first saw the Deadpool Duck figure I was sure that his unique head mold would make him extremely desirable in the future. It hasn't quite happened though as his value has stayed around the £250-300 mark since release.

LEGO All New Captain America (Sam Wilson) San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#16 - All New Captain America (Sam Wilson)

Year released: 2015

Price: £300.00

It would have been really cool if LEGO had incorporated some wing pieces but oh well you can't have everything.

LEGO Green Lantern San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#15 - Green Lantern

Year released: 2015

Price: £310.00

This is where it all started! The Green Lantern was the first minifigure LEGO brough to San Diego Comic Con in 2011.

Despite being the first he is actually pretty "cheap" at £310.00.

LEGO Shazam / Captain Marvel San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#14 - Shazam / Captain Marvel

Year released: 2012

Price: £315.00

LEGO Steve Rogers Captain America San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#13 - Steve Rogers Captain America

Year released: 2016

Price: £325.00

As per the previous year there were only two minifigures in 2016 and this is the one everyone wanted to get their hands on.

LEGO Jean Grey in Phoenix Costume San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#12 - Jean Grey in Phoenix Costume

Year released: 2012

Price: £365.00

Our only X-Men representative is Jean Gray in her Phoenix Costume. A lot to love about this minifigure, LEGO did a really nice job with her.

LEGO The Collector San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#11 - The Collector

Year released: 2014

Price: £400.00

The Collector is the only character from Guardians of the Galaxy we've seen at SDCC and was brought to the 2014 edition by LEGO to promote the film release.

Definitely a favourite of mine and the only minifigure of this character LEGO has produced.

LEGO Zebra Batman San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#10 - Zebra Batman

Year released: 2019

Price: £420.00

This was a weird one and I'm sure now what most LEGO fans expected to see. Zebra Batman appears in a 1960's comic, and it's not really a costume but in that comic Batman absorbs lots of energy that makes him look like a Zebra (it's a long story).

LEGO Spider-Man in Black Symbiote Costume San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#9 - Spider-Man in Black Symbiote Costume

Year released: 2012

Price: £425.00

The most expensive non blister pack minifigure on this list is Spider-Man in Black Symbiote Costume. Not to be confused with Venom this is Spider-Man when he is attacked by the Symbiote which turns his costume black.

Not the most detailed minifigure LEGO have produced but the fact that it's Spider-Man makes it highly collectable.

LEGO PS4 Spider-Man San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#8 - PS4 Spider-Man

Year released: 2019

Price: £475.00

Moving on to another Spider-Man figure, this time it's the PS4 version. LEGO really nailed this one, such a highly detailed and vibrant minifigure that really stands out.

It's one of the most recent entries but it still finds itself in the top 10, this will be one to watch for the future.

LEGO Batman of Zur-En-Arrh San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#7 - Batman of Zur-En-Arrh

Year released: 2018

Price: £525.00

At the time this was one of the most colourful and unique Batman minifigures although since then we've had some crazy designs that make Batman of Zur-En-Arrh look tame. You've probably noticed by now that anything to do with Batman and Spider-Man usually does well and this is no exception.

LEGO Azog San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#6 - Azog

Year released: 2013

Price: £750.00

Azog is a really strange one. Like Bard the Bowman the figure itself isn't exclusive as it also appeared in the "Dol Guldur Battle" set.

However this hasn't stopped him selling for £750.00! When you realise you're basically just paying for a piece of card it's hard to justify this price.

LEGO Sheriff Deadpool San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#5 - Sheriff Deadpool

Year released: 2018

Price: £800.00

What a minifigure! I love everything about Sheriff Deadpool and with the next 4 entries on this list being unobtainable for me financially this takes pride of place in my LEGO collection.

The hugely successful Deadpool films have contributed to the value of this minifigure, and despite being relatively new he fetches £800.00

LEGO Superman in Black Costume San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#4 - Superman in Black Costume - £1,900.00

Year released: 2013

Price: £1,900

At over double the price of Sheriff Deadpool comes Superman in his black costume. This, along with all of the other minifigure released at the 2013 edition of San Diego Comic Con are extremely valuable now.

LEGO Spider-Woman San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#3 - Spider-Woman - £2,000.00

Year released: 2013

Price: £2,000

Spider-Woman is another one of my favourites and one I hope to add to my collection one day. Give or take £100.00 I'll be splashing out £2,000 currently.

LEGO Green Arrow San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#2 - Green Arrow - £3,500.00

Year released: 2013

Price: £3,500

Green arrow is a flawed minifigure in my opinion because he doesn't come with a bow and arrow piece. Adding in a custom mold makes so much sense and it's strange why LEGO decided against it.

Anyway it seemingly hasn't affected his value at £3.500!

LEGO Spider-Man San Diego Comic Con minifigure

#1 - Spider-Man

Year released: 2013

Price: £4,000

And here we have it, number 1 on our list is the Spider-Man from San Diego Comic Con 2013. Such a beautiful minifigure and one of Marvel's most loved characters.

It's hard to get an accurate valuation because these so rarely appear on the market but you'll probably be paying at least £4,000.

Posted by Chris on 16th April 2021

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