Is the LEGO Aston Martin DB5 a Good Investment Set?

26th March 2021

LEGO Aston Martin DB5

As a massive James Bond fan I was stoked when LEGO released this set somewhat under the radar back in 2018 and even today it's arguably the best Creator Expert vehicle.

I say arguably the best because not only is it a fantastic model with a ton of innovative building techniques but it also has a plethora of play features such as changeable number plates, deployable bullet proof shield and a working ejector seat!

I could sing this sets praises all day but there is a drawback which is the price. £130 is a LOT of money to pay for a set that only has 1290 pieces which works out as 10p per piece. And it's not like it has a load of exclusive parts to sweeten the deal.

However with all of this said, James Bond is known the world over and there are some serious fans out there. Out of all the sets LEGO currently makes I think this one has all the hallmarks on being a future collectors item.

My target price is £100 and if I can get a couple at that price I'll be feeling confident I can at least double my investment in years to come.

Disclaimer: This article or any others on should not be considered financial advice and investing in LEGO is risky.

Posted by Chris on 26th March 2021

Chris has been playing with LEGO bricks for as long as he can remember. His favorite themes are Icons, Star Wars and Harry Potter