Is the LEGO Disney XL-15 Spaceship (76832) a Good Investment Set?

25th February 2023

LEGO Disney XL-15 Spaceship set

The XL-15 Spaceship is due to retire at the end of 2023, so in this article we look at a range of factors to consider whether this is a set that you should be buying in the months ahead.

The set

LEGO Disney XL-15 Spaceship set

When this set was announced it could have easily been dismissed by collectors, as it's based on the Lightyear animated movie, which was aimed at the younger audience. You would then expect a subsequent LEGO set to also focus on children, but the XL-15 represents a fantastic model that prioritises display and much as play.

What strikes you first, is just how good the set looks. It has all the right angles in all the right places. The body is sleek and is decorated in colours that work very well together. The detail on the exterior is also very nice, with a good variety of textures on show. I particularly like the rear section with the two thrusters and the new yellow cockpit piece, which will please classic Space fans!

LEGO Disney XL-15 Spaceship set

The internal space has also been used well. There's ample room inside the cockpit for Buzz Lightyear to sit, as well as his feline companion, with stickers used to create the detailed control panel. At the rear, there are two storage compartments, which handily house Buzz's crystallic fusion fuel cell, laptop, and laser gun.

The display stand is pleasingly unobtrusive and shows the spaceship banking into what we imagine is a high-speed turn. The stickered plaque matches those used in the Star Wars UCS range and further adds to the premium feel of this set and its appeal to older LEGO fans.

In addition to having a marvellous model, the building process to get there is equally satisfying, as it's filled with many clever construction techniques. When built, the spaceship is robust enough that you can indulge your inner child and swoosh it around without fear of any small parts breaking off.

If you're a devotee of the Lightyear movie, you'll notice that there are a few inaccuracies between the spaceship here and the one seen onscreen. However, the quality of the design eclipses these minor flaws, and overall it's a fantastic model.

Value for Money

The XL-15 Spaceship retails for £44.99 / $49.99 / €49.99 and has 497 pieces, giving it a cost per piece of 9.1p / 10.1c. This is on the high end, but the set has a superior quality which I think warrants its price tag.

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The Minifigures

LEGO Disney XL-15 Spaceship set

There are three minifigures in the set that includes Buzz Lightyear and two members of Star Command, all of which have excellent printing on both the torso and legs. Although Buzz is the headline character, I much prefer the minifigures of Darby Steel and Mo Morrison. Their unusual alien-like helmets unsurprisingly use a brand-new helmet mould, which is not the coolest looking thing, but certainly contributes to two very unique minifigures.

Given the high standard of the XL-15, the minifigures could easily have disappointed, but their quality matches that of the build.

Unique Parts

LEGO Disney XL-15 Spaceship set

As it stands, the XL-15 Spaceship has several unique and rare parts. The yellow cockpit is one such example, which was new when this set was released, but has since been used in the Blacktron Cruiser gift with purchase. There are many others that space MOC builders are likely to find useful, which is another positive for this set's investment hopes.


The excellence of this set is undeniable, and while it certainly helps its investment potential, it doesn't guarantee success on the secondary market, as the popularity of the source material is also a big factor. Lightyear did not reach the heights of the Toy Story franchise, but it delivered an entertaining movie that was well-received by fans. Something to consider is that the Lightyear movie wasn't aimed at adults, but I don't think this is any reason to make collectors look past this set. And after all, Space-themed sets appeal strongly to the older audience.

Another positive factor is that this set is planned for retirement at the end of 2023, which would give it a relatively short shelf life of less than two years. This will make it scarcer than most sets and should increase its desirability in the years to come.


Investment opportunity: Good

The XL-15 Spaceship is one of the best LEGO spaceships, and certainly surpasses anything with a similar price tag that the Star Wars theme has given us recently. Given the set's high quality, excellent design, and affordability, I think there is some good investment potential for this one, so I would recommend buying it, especially if can do so at a discount.

Because it's a Disney set and is expected to have a short shelf life, many collectors might miss this one, so it could become very desirable in the future.

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Disclaimer: This article or any others on should not be considered financial advice and investing in LEGO is risky.

Posted by Graham on 25th February 2023

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