Is the LEGO Ideas Tree House (21318) a Good Investment Set?

22nd March 2021

LEGO Ideas Tree House

The LEGO Ideas Tree HouseLEGO Ideas Tree House (21318) was reportedly scheduled to retire at the end of 2020 but it appears as though this has been pushed back as LEGO have continued to sell the set into 2021. However with retirement more than likely to happen at some point this year, we're taking a look at whether or not it's a good investment.

The set is number 21318, it's been on sale since 2019 and comprises of 3,036 pieces which equates to 5.9p per piece. The Tree House has seen nothing but positive reviews and I think this is a set we will look back on in years to come with very fond memories.

Similar to the roller coaster this set has been very hard to obtain for anything less than the £179.99 RRP, with the best price I've seen £159.99. However £180 feels like a very fair price and I'm expecting to see it rise to around £250 shortly after it retires.

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Posted by Chris on 22nd March 2021

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