The Top 10 Most Expensive LEGO Hobbit Minifigures

9th August 2022

The Hobbit theme was introduced in 2012 alongside the release of the first movie in the trilogy. Before the theme was retired in 2014, 24 sets and 65 minifigures were released, which have proved immensely popular in the years that followed and now fetch large sums on the aftermarket. In this article we focus on the Hobbit minifigures and present the ten most expensive, based on sales over the past six months.

LEGO Witch King of Angmar minifigure

10. Witch King of Angmar

Current Value: £23 / $28

The Witch King of Angmar appears in both the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies. Whereas he is seen in his black armour and cloak in the LotR trilogy, in the Hobbit we see just his wraith form. As a result, the Witch King minifigure is predominately white to show the spectral nature of the Ringwraith leader, and his tattered cloak also adds to his undead appearance. We think white minifigures look fantastic, and for this reason, the Witch King is our favourite from the Hobbit sets. The Witch King had a small role in the Hobbit movies and therefore was only included in the Witch-king Battle (79015) set.

LEGO Dori the Dwarf minifigure

9. Dori the Dwarf

Current Value: £24 / $29

Dori is one of three dwarves from Thorin Oakenshield's company that were included in The Goblin King Battle (79010) set. He comes with a nice dark red cloak and detailed torso piece. There is only one minifigure of Dori, which contributes to him being one the more expensive from the Hobbit theme.

LEGO Nori the Dwarf minifigure

8. Nori the Dwarf

Current Value: £27 / $33

As the name suggests, Nori is the brother of Dori and is also a member of Thorin's company who set out to take back the Kingdom under the Mountain from Smaug. Like Dori, he also appears only once in The Goblin King Battle (79010) set and has some fine printing on his torso. The colour palette of Nori's clothing is more muted than many of the other dwarves, but he stands out thanks to his bright ginger hair and beard.

LEGO Azog minifigure

7. Azog

Current Value: £30 / $36

The Orc Lord Azog is one of the main antagonists in the film trilogy, constantly pursuing and battling the dwarf company. He is portrayed as the largest Orc to ever walk Middle Earth, so subsequently has a headpiece that extends his torso and makes him taller than a standard minifigure. There are two minifigures of Azog, this one appearing in the Battle of Five Armies (79017) set. The two are exactly the same except for the facial expression. The one on this list has his mouth open, while in the other version, his mouth closed. The closed-mouth Azog appears in a regular LEGO Hobbit set, as well as a San Diego Comic-Con blister pack from 2013, so he is considered less rare and is therefore less expensive.

LEGO Thorin Oakenshield minifigure

6. Thorin Oakenshield

Current Value: £33 / $40

Thorin Oakenshield is the leader of the company of dwarves that set out from Hobbiton in their quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain. Thorin appears the most of all the dwarves in the Hobbit sets, with three minifigure versions of the Mountain King. This minifigure appears in the Battle of Five Armies (79017) set and is the most striking of the three, given that he is outfitted in a mighty golden crown and equipped with a golden sword.

LEGO Radagast the Brown minifigure

5. Radagast the Brown

Current Value: £38 / $46

The next three minifigures on this list are all very similarly priced, but narrowly coming in fifth is Radagast who is one five wizards in Middle Earth that were sent to oppose Sauron. He has a fairly prominent role in the Hobbit trilogy and appears in all three films. Like most minifigures on this list, he is only portrayed once in minifigure form in the Dol Guldor Battle (79014) set, complete with his wizard staff. He is one of the more distinctive Hobbit minifigures, due to his rather eccentric hat.

LEGO Glóin the Dwarf minifigure

4. Glóin the Dwarf

Current Value: £38 / $46

Many Lord of the Rings fans will recognise the name Glóin as being the father of Gimli. There is only one minifigure of this character, which came in the Barrel Escape (79004) set, so it is therefore among the rarer dwarves. He has a splendid ginger beard and hair piece and a nicely printed, dark red torso piece.

LEGO Óin the Dwarf minifigure

3. Óin the Dwarf

Current Value: £38 / $46

Óin is another one of the thirteen dwarves that accompany Bilbo all the way to the Lonely Mountain. He also only appears once in minifigure form in the Barrel Escape (79004) set. All of the dwarves sport some magnificent hair and beard pieces, but Oin's two-tone combination has to be the best.

LEGO Dáin Ironfoot minifigure

2. Dáin Ironfoot

Current Value: £43 / $52

Dáin Ironfoot only appears in the third movie in the trilogy, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, when he responds to Thorin Oakenshield's call for help when trying to reclaim The Lonely Mountain. During the battle he becomes the King under the Mountain following Thorin's death. Being a high-ranking character will be one of the reasons why he is now one of the most expensive minifigures. He appears in the Battle of Five Armies (79017) set and comes with a unique and impressive looking helmet as well as a cool looking red axe.

LEGO Bilbo Baggins minifigure

1. Bilbo Baggins

Current Value: £86 / $104

This minifigure is the rarest from the Hobbit theme, as it didn't appear in an official LEGO set. Instead, it came in a promotional edition of the DVD of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which was exclusive to Target in the US. It depicts Bilbo in his blue coat, although the shade on the minifigure is much lighter than the one we see him in on screen. While the printing on the coat itself is fairly simple, that on his waistcoat and neckerchief beautifully captures their two-tone patterns. Considering Bilbo is the central hero of the Hobbit, we think it's fitting he tops this list.

Posted by Graham on 9th August 2022

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