The Top 10 Most Expensive LEGO Lord of the Rings Minifigures

20th August 2022

The Lord of the Rings theme was released alongside the Hobbit theme in 2012, which was nine years after the release of the last movie in the LotR trilogy. However, the wait was worth it as LEGO fans were treated to some great sets and accompanying minifigures. There were 44 minifigures in total, and here we present the ten which now fetch the greatest price (based on sales over the past 6 months on Bricklink).

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LEGO Eomer minifigure

10. Eomer

Current Value: £27 / $33

Eomer is a high-ranking Man of Rohan, given that he is the nephew of King Theoden. As a result, he is shown in the films as having an elaborate helmet and body armour, which are very nicely recreated on this minifigure. The dark green cloak is another pleasing element that complements the red on his torso. Eomer appeared once across the Lord of the Rings theme in the Uruk-hai Army (9471) set.

LEGO Haldir minifigure

9. Haldir

Current Value: £28 / $34

Haldir is a lesser-known character from the Lord of the Rings and has a relatively minor role in the trilogy. He appears in The Fellowship of the Ring, and then The Two Towers, where he meets his end at Helm’s Deep. He was therefore included in the Battle of Helm's Deep (9474) set. The minifigure has some exquisite printing on his torso and legs that show his elven armour, and a majestic red cloak, which makes him one of the best looking minifigures on this list.

LEGO Gandalf the White minifigure

8. Gandalf the White

Current Value: £28 / $34

There are three minifigures of the wise wizard, but only one shows him as Gandalf the White. He appears in the Battle at the Black Gate (79007) set, equipped with his white staff. The white colour scheme is much more striking than the grey robes he’s dressed in at the start of the trilogy, and they make for a more spectacular minifigure. Subsequently, this is the most expensive of the three variants.

LEGO Peregrin Took (Pippin) minifigure

7. Peregrin Took (Pippin)

Current Value: £29 / $36

It’s surprising that both Pippin and Merry only appeared once in minifigure form, given the vital role they play in the trilogy. Pippin was included in the Mines of Moria (9473) set, where he famously shows his worth by battling the orcs and cave troll. The minifigure features a nice dark blue torso piece and olive-green cloak. The importance of Pippin in the LotR story, and the fact that there is only one of him, contribute to his high price.

LEGO Saruman minifigure

6. Saruman

Current Value: £31 / $37

Saruman appeared twice in the Lord of the Rings sets, once with standard minifigure legs and once with a part depicting his long robes. This long-robed version was included in the spectacular Tower of Orthanc (10237), which was by far the largest set in the LotR range. Its high RRP of £169.99 / $199.99 / €199.99 will have deterred some LEGO fans from purchasing it, so this is one of the rarer LotR minifigures. This rarity has subsequently driven up Saruman’s price.

LEGO Mouth of Sauron minifigure

5. Mouth of Sauron

Current Value: £43 / $52

Like many minifigures on this list, there is only one minifigure of Sauron, but what a minifigure it is! He has an amazing helmet and headpiece combination that do a great job in capturing his evilness and formidability. If we were being critical, we’d say that it’s a shame he doesn’t feature a black armour piece for his torso, or some armour printing instead. The Mouth of Sauron, who is one of Sauron’s most devoted servants, only appears in the extended version of The Return of the King, as his scenes were cut from the theatrical release. If he had made it, this character would have been better known and might have appeared higher up this list.

LEGO King Theoden minifigure

4. King Theoden

Current Value: £43 / $52

Theoden is the King of Rohan who features heavily in The Two Towers and The Return of the King movies, ultimately becoming one of the main protagonists. His only minifigure appeared in the Battle of Helm's Deep (9474) set, where he plays a crucial role. It’s easy to see why this minifigure is one of the most desirable from the Lord of the Rings sets. He has an excellent printed helmet and armour piece, and also comes equipped with a similarly fine shield. This minifigure very much fits with Theoden’s royal status.

LEGO Aragorn minifigure

3. Aragorn

Current Value: £47 / $57

Aragorn featured in two Lord of the Rings sets, with this version appearing in the Battle at the Black Gate (79007). The colour palette and printing on this minifigure is beautiful, and shows the white Tree of Gondor, which belongs the kingdom Aragon becomes king of. In addition to the pleasing aesthetics of this minifigure, Aragorn is one of the most popular characters in both the books and the movie trilogy, so it’s no surprise the charismatic leader is high on this list.

LEGO Meriadoc Brandybuck (Merry) minifigure

2. Meriadoc Brandybuck (Merry)

Current Value: £48 / $58

As mentioned previously, Merry only appears once across the Lord of the Rings range of sets, which was in the Attack on Weathertop (9472). Given the similarity of the two hobbits, Merry and Pippin, and their minifigures, it’s difficult to see why Merry is significantly more expensive. It can potentially be explained by the on-screen depiction of the two, as Merry is cast as the more mischievous and likeable of the two and was certainly my favourite hobbit in the films. The popularity of a character can be a large factor determining a minifigure’s price. Another contributing factor is the ginger hair piece, which makes this minifigure more distinctive.

LEGO Grima Wormtongue minifigure

1. Grima Wormtongue

Current Value: £68 / $83

The treacherous character of Grima Wormtongue has a small but pivotal role in the movies, given that he kills the great and evil wizard Saruman. He appeared alongside Saruman in the Tower of Orthanc (10237) set, which as mentioned previously, had a very high RRP. This resulted in him being one of the rarest LotR minifigures, which combined with the fact that there was only one Wormtongue minifigure, has resulted in his expensive valuation. The minifigure itself is one of the most distinctive because of his yellow skin tone, that captures the snake-like nature of the character.

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