The Top 10 Most Expensive LEGO polybags

18th June 2021

The humble LEGO polybag has been around since 1983 with the first sets being used as promotional toys for McDonalds Happy Meals. LEGO poylbags usually contain small builds, minifigures, or sometimes even both. Some of the polybags containing promotional minifigures have become very desirable, so today we're counting down the top 10 most expensive LEGO polybags.

The prices and images for these minifigures have been taken from, my go to place for buying new and used LEGO.

LEGO Coca-Cola Secret A polybag

#10 - Coca-Cola Secret A polybag - £40.00

One of the less well known entries on this list is the Secret Set A polybag which was a promotional polybag for Coca-Cola during the 2002 World Cup in Japan. Definitely one of the serious LEGO collectors and can be bought for around £40.00

LEGO Stormtrooper polybag

#9 - Stormtrooper polybag - £60.00

One of the most "bling" Star Wars minifigures is the chrome Stormtrooper which was a Toys r Us exclusive in 2010 and was free with any Lego Stars Wars purchase although there were reports you could buy it separately for $2.99.

If you had bought one back then you'd currently have a nice return on your investment as they are worth £60 now.

LEGO Darth Revan polybag

#8 - Darth Revan polybag - £65.00

Ah the infamous Darth Revan. Darth Revan is a mysterious fan favourite character but he's never appeared in any of the films. This elusiveness has probably contributed to his insane price of £65 currently.

LEGO Quicky the Bunny, Director, Cameraman and Car - Nesquik Promotional polybag

#7 - Quicky the Bunny, Director, Cameraman and Car - Nesquik Promotional polybag - £90.00

As I've said many times before, Quicky the Nesquik Bunny is one of my favourite all time LEGO minifigures.

He(?) appeared in two polybags, both from 2002 that were promotional items in a collaboration between LEGO and Nestl√©, Germany. In one polybag he appeared on his own but in the other (4049) you get two other minifigures, a cameraman and and director as well as parts for a small car build. This larger polybag normally sells for a bit more at around £90.

LEGO Black VIP Frame polybag

#6 - Black VIP Frame polybag - £90.00

The newest polybag on our list comes from 2018 and it's the Black VIP Frame, an exclusive for Black Card Holders in the LEGO VIP program.

At £90.00, yeah this one ain't cheap.

LEGO Boba Fett polybag

#5 - Boba Fett polybag - £100.00

The white Boba Fett minifigure was a promotional polybag to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Empire Strikes Back film. In the UK it was given away with purchases of £30 or more at Smyths toy stores. It's said that there are around 10,000 or these minifigures ever produced.

To add this polybag to your collection expect to pay around £100.00.

LEGO Shadow ARF Trooper polybag

#4 - Shadow ARF Trooper polybag - £110.00

From 2011 and coming in at number 4 on our list if the LEGO Star Wars Shadow ARF Trooper polybag

LEGO Darth Vader 10 Year Anniversary Promotional Minifigure polybag

#3 - Darth Vader 10 Year Anniversary Promotional Minifigure polybag - £130.00

From 2009, the Darth Vader polybag was a worldwide promotion celebrating 10 years of LEGO Star Wars and was randomly inserted into the 2009 wave of Star Wars sets. Similar to the chrome Stormtrooper earlier in the list, this minifigure has a chrome effect although not as noticable.

Only 10,000 were produced and this exclusivity means this polybag has a hefty price tag of £130.00.

LEGO Kobe Bryant polybag

#2 - Kobe Bryant polybag - £250.00

The Kobe Bryant polybag was already an expensive set but since his tragic death in January 2020 it's value has shot up. It was released in 2003 when LEGO was dabbling in NBA sets as part of their Sports theme.

Pre 2020 if you were lucky you'd be able to pick one up for between £50 - £100 but now you won't find one for less that £200.

LEGO Gahlok Va polybag

#1 - Gahlok Va polybag £275.00

Gahlok Va is actually a very cheap set to get hold of but it's very hard to find the polybag version of this set. At the time of writing this article there's only one available to buy on BrickLink and that's going for £275.00.

Posted by Chris on 18th June 2021

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