A Honey Inspired Project Gets the Sweet Taste of Success on LEGO Ideas

14th January 2023

LEGO Ideas Sweet Honey

A bee themed project called Sweet Honey has become the latest project to reach 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. The motivation behind the project was highlighting the importance of bees to our planet, which is something we can all get behind.

The centrepiece of the build is a beehive frame that makes use of Technic parts to create the familiar pentagon honeycomb shape. The frame can be displayed from both sides, with one showing it full of raw golden honey, and the other side showing the honey covered in wax, which brings the beautiful symmetry of the hive construction to the forefront. A number of brick-built worker bees have been included and can be attached to the hive, as well as a slightly bigger Queen bee.

LEGO Ideas Sweet Honey

There are also a number of small builds that showcase the various stages of honey production, all of which sit on hexagonal baseplates. This includes a “backyard” scene with flowers and a bird bath that provides the bees with access to pollen and honey. There is also a small beehive model with lots of 2x2 tiles inside representing the beehive frames.

LEGO Ideas Sweet Honey

Next there is an “honey extraction” scene showing the honey being extracted from the hive and bottled. Lastly, there is a “honey stand” scene with a market stall where the now packaged honey is being sold. A nice touch is the inclusion of some minifigure-shaped jars!

LEGO Ideas Sweet Honey

It's nice to see another nature inspired project reaching the 10K club, and with the environment being very much on trend for the foreseeable future, this could act in its favour.

Sweet Honey is the second project to gain enough support in the first review round of 2023, which runs from early January to early May, and joins the Dr. Seuss and LEGO project.

Posted by Graham on 14th January 2023

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