A Magical Project Casts its Way to 10,000 Supporters on LEGO Ideas

22nd December 2022

LEGO Ideas The Wizard's Retreat

The Wizard's Retreat has become the latest project on LEGO Ideas to reach 10,000 supporters and now has the chance of becoming an official set.

The project depicts an enchanting wizard's house, made to resemble those often depicted in fairy tales. The retreat is made from dark wood and designed to look like it's built into a surrounding woodland, so as to be hidden from view.

LEGO Ideas The Wizard's Retreat

The left side of the building is made up of a treehouse, which has its own front door and a spiral staircase linking the bottom and middle floors. The top floor, with the wizard's bedroom, is accessible by a ladder and is joined by a small bridge to the balcony of the main house.

LEGO Ideas The Wizard's Retreat

The main house also consists of the three floors, with the bottommost containing the wizard's office, complete with desk, bookshelf, cabinet, and table holding a crystal ball and key. A regular staircase takes minifigures up to the middle floor which has a workshop and potion room where the wizard and his apprentice would concoct their magical brews.

LEGO Ideas The Wizard's Retreat

The top floor has an attic room with the all-important spell book sitting on its pedestal. The balcony houses a small stove for cooking, a perch for the wizard's pet dragon, and an orrery for predicting astronomical movements.

LEGO Ideas The Wizard's Retreat

On the outside there is a small woodland garden surrounding the building with a vegetable plot and plenty of LEGO plants, flowers, and mushrooms. The detail and textures used on the outside are very impressive and the highlight of the build.

There are six minifigures included in the design that are the wizard, his apprentice, an elf male and female, a forest princess, and a mysterious traveller.

This project joins the Witch House in joining the 10K club. That project is similar and is currently under review. Hocus Pocus - The Sanderson Sisters' Cottage is another magical build that came out on top in the first review round of 2022 and is expected to hit shelves in 2023. With this in mind, it's unlikely that LEGO will approve another mystical project, but they have surprised us before.

The Wizard's Retreat joins 32 other projects that have already made it to the review stage, which are all listed below:

Posted by Graham on 22nd December 2022

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