A New Space-Themed Project Could Become a LEGO Ideas Set

16th January 2023

LEGO Ideas Soyuz spaceship

A project of the Soyuz spaceship has gained 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas and now enters the first review round of 2023, where it could become an official set.

Soyuz is the name given to a series of Soviet spacecraft that have been in operation since the 1960s. This particular build is based on the most recent version, the Soyuz MS, which made its maiden flight in 2016.

LEGO Ideas Soyuz spaceship

The project is comprised of three modules. The first is the instrumentation module, which contains systems for temperature control, electric power supply, long-range radio communications, radio telemetry, and orientation and control. It also houses the main engine and propulsion system for moving in outer space and getting safely back to Earth.

LEGO Ideas Soyuz spaceship

The second, central module is the descent module, which half-faces forwards during re-entry and is covered in a heat resistant coating for protection. Inside there are three seats for the crew of cosmonauts.

LEGO Ideas Soyuz spaceship

The third and foremost module is the orbital module, which is where the cosmonauts would spend most of their time. It's home to all the experimental equipment, cameras, and cargo, as well as the toilet, docking avionics, and communications gear.

Space has long been a popular theme amongst LEGO fans so you would have to say this project has a reasonable chance of being successful. All of LEGO's space inspired sets to date have been based on NASA spacecraft, so having a Soviet one would be a very nice change. After all, we can only have so many Space Shuttle sets!

The Soyuz MS Spacecraft joins five other projects that have already reached the 10K mark. These are:

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