A Willow Inspired Project Achieves 10,000 Supporters on LEGO Ideas

22nd December 2022

LEGO Ideas Battle of Tir Asleen

Willow fans will be rejoicing today as the Battle of Tir Asleen has become the latest project on LEGO Ideas to reach 10,000 supporters and now has the chance to become an official set.

The project is based on the 1988 fantasy film directed by Ron Howard and executively produced by George Lucas. Its journey to the 10K club has been well timed as Disney has recently released a sequel TV series on its Disney+ streaming platform, so the popularity of the franchise is on the up.

LEGO Ideas Battle of Tir Asleen

This model is a replica of the battle scene at the Tir Asleen castle, which features at the end of the 1988 movie. The castle is made up of nearly 3,000 pieces and features three sections. At the centre is the main gateway with two small conical towers, to the left is a tower housing an armoury and prison, and to the right is another tower containing the weapons room. At the back of the build is a wooden bridge and stone walkway linking the two towers, while at the front sits a large tree.

LEGO Ideas Battle of Tir Asleen

In addition to the castle, there are minifigures of Willow, Madmartigan, Sorsha, General Kael, three Nockmar warriors, and a troll. Elora Danan is depicted as a baby and there are miniature figures representing the Brownies of Rool and Franjean. The famous LEGO goat has also been included to depict Fin Raziel, the mould for which reportedly got lost, so it would be interesting to see how LEGO approach that character should this project get approved!

LEGO Ideas Battle of Tir Asleen

To further add to the playability, there is a brick-built Eberisk (two-headed monster) and a ton of accessories dotted throughout the castle, as well as some Easter eggs for both Willow and Castle fans.

This is one of our favourite projects currently in the last review round of 2022, as there is so much detail and play features, meaning it will appeal to many people outside of Willow's core fanbase.

There are undoubtedly similarities between Willow and Lord of the Rings, and with the latter reportedly making a LEGO comeback in 2023, a Willow-themed set might be seen to be unnecessary competition. Although the Willow sequel has done some good for the franchise's popularity, the original movie isn't a household favourite in the same way that Harry Potter and Star Wars are. However, we have seen plenty of more niche franchises represented in the Ideas range, such as Voltron, Tron, and Doctor Who.

Overall, we would say this project has a decent chance of making it into production, but the competition is fierce as 33 projects have already made it to the review stage. The full list is provided below.

Posted by Graham on 22nd December 2022

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