Another Doomed Modular LEGO Ideas Project Enters the Review Round

13th October 2023

LEGO Ideas City Burger project

The City Burger project is the second modular build to make it through to the current LEGO Ideas review round, the other being the Modular Heritage Museum. Both are almost certainly doomed to fail in their quest to become an official LEGO set.

Scrolling through the list of the 470 projects that have so far been rejected by LEGO is like looking through the graveyard of modular buildings. LEGO considers each project in relation to their current and upcoming portfolio of sets, and they obviously view any fan-submitted modular to be a competitor to their own home-grown modular sets.

The only fan-based modular buildings to have ever entered production, are the 910008 Modular Construction Site and 910009 Modular LEGO Store, which achieved the feat through the Bricklink Designer Program. With this statistic in mind, it does make you wonder why so many people submit modular projects.

In an effort to be more optimistic, there may be a shred of hope for the City Burger, as it does bring something a bit new to the world of modular design. It features a subterranean level with a train track passing through it, which admittedly looks rather cool. How exactly this would integrate with the current Creator Expert and Icons range of modular buildings is unclear though as the designer notes that the tracks need to be removed to allow this to happen.

If you want to have an extra modular building to add to your city, we recommend checking out the projects in Series 3 of the Bricklink Designer Program. The window for voting on these is open until the 20th October 2023 and there are plenty of nice modulars to choose from.

LEGO Ideas City Burger project

The ten other projects to have achieved 10K supporters in the current review round are listed below:

Posted by Graham on 13th October 2023

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