Baby Green Sea Turtle Joins the First 2023 Review Round

23rd January 2023

LEGO Ideas Baby Green Sea Turtle

The Baby Green Sea Turtle project has reached 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas and is now a contender for becoming an official set.

LEGO Ideas Baby Green Sea Turtle

If this project looks familiar to you, it might be because another sea turtle project, albeit a much larger one, made the second review round of 2022, back in August of last year. This set's designer, QuaintWolf082, seems to acknowledge this by saying “What is cuter than a green sea turtle? A baby green sea turtle!”

LEGO Ideas Baby Green Sea Turtle

Despite the two project's similarities, this project may have a trump card, which is its moveable head and rotating flippers that mimic a turtle's swimming action. Another impressive feature of the build is the turtle's shell that includes several interlocking sections positioned at various angles to create the curved shape.

There's also a detailed display stand that's packed full of coral and aquatic wildlife.

Because there's such a similar project already under review, it would be surprising if this project was approved, rather than the earlier one. Therefore, if you are a turtle fan, we suggest you keep your eyes peeled for the results of the second 2022 review, which should be announced shortly.

The Baby Green Sea Turtle joins twelve other projects that have already reached the 10K mark. These are:

Posted by Graham on 23rd January 2023

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