Botanical Themed Project Reaches 10,000 Supporters on LEGO Ideas

8th October 2023

LEGO Ideas Good Odels Garden

Good Ogel's Garden has gained enough support on LEGO Ideas to enter the third review round of 2023.

The project contain builds of four individual potted plants designed as either home or office decorations.

LEGO Ideas Good Odels Garden

The first is the Zebra Cactus, which originates from South Africa's Eastern Cape, and it typically grown as an indoor plant. The species can grow up to 25 cm tall and has thin, concave, dark green leaves with a white band pattern.

LEGO Ideas Good Odels Garden

The second plant is an African Violet, which is native to Tanzania and southeastern Kenya. The plant is usually 6-15 cm tall and 6-30 cm wide, with flowers that are 2-3 cm in diameter. The model depicts the plant with purple flowers, but in the wild they can also be violet, light blue, or white.

LEGO Ideas Good Odels Garden

Next is a Arabis Alpina, a bushy herbaceous plant with small white flowers that's usually found in humid climates.

LEGO Ideas Good Odels Garden

Lastly there's the Lavendar Cotton plant, the tallest of the four builds, as the plant grows to a height of 20-70cm. It's used to make aromatic oils and for medicinal purposes because of its antibiotic and disinfectant properties.

A minifigure of the gardener Good Odel (LEGO in reverse), is also included.

LEGO already has a growing range of botanical themed sets, so the chance of having another one through the Ideas progam seems less likely than some of the other projects that are already in the review round. These are:

Posted by Graham on 8th October 2023

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