Could we be Getting LEGO Teslas?

8th November 2023

LEGO Ideas Tesla Center project
LEGO Ideas Tesla Center project

LEGO Teslas could be on the horizon, as the Tesla Center project has achieved 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas and now enters the review round.

The project includes brick-built versions of three Tesla models: the Model Y, the Model S and the Cybertruck. The Model S has also been included in both white and red, making four vehicles in total.

The bulk of the project is a Tesla Center, with a showroom for selling on one side and a garage for maintenance and repairs on the other. It has been designed to be modular compatible, so people could easily slot the set into their LEGO city layout.

LEGO Ideas Tesla Center project
LEGO Ideas Tesla Center project

Three superchargers have also been included on the center's forecourt with parking available for five vehicles.

I suspect many people will have been hoping for a Tesla to come through the Speed Champions theme, and given the popularity of the company, there's like to be some significant demand for a Tesla-themed set.

The fate of this LEGO Ideas submission will likely rest on whether LEGO can agree on a licensing arrangement with Tesla.

The other sets currently in the review round are:

Posted by Graham on 8th November 2023

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