Details of Insiders Weekend GWPs and Promotions Revealed

14th November 2023

LEGO's Insiders Weekend is just a few days away, running from 18-19 November. Several GWPs will be available during that time and we now know the miniumum spends that will be required to get them.

LEGO Majisto's Magical Workshop set
LEGO Majisto's Magical Workshop set

The highest threshold and largest GWP available is the Icons 40601 Majisto's Magical Workshop. This set is a reimagined version of the 6048 set of the same name from 1993 and will require a spend of £250 / $250 / €250. It includes 365 pieces with minifigures of Majisto and a knight. The build is hinged so it can be opened up to reveal the workshop's interior.

LEGO Winter Market Stall set
LEGO Winter Market Stall set

For a lower spend of £150 / $170 / €170 you will get the seasonal LEGO Creator 40602 Winter Market Stall. This has 271 pieces and depicts a stall selling festive toys. There are also minifigures of a child and the stall owner.

LEGO Christmas Cookie Stamps & Mug set

If you're not willing to part with that much, you can get the less appealing Christmas Cookie Stamps & Mug with purchases of £60 / $65 / €65. This GWP is online only.

LEGO Winter Holiday Train polybag

Finally, the lowest spend GWP is LEGO Creator 30584 Winter Holiday Train polybag, which will be given out with purchases worth £35 / €40 or more of City, DREAMZzz, DUPLO, Friends, Harry Potter, or Ninjago products. This GWP will be available in store only and is restricted to the UK and Europe.

During the Insiders Weekend event, LEGO are also offering double Insiders points, which effectively means a 10% discount on all sets.

Insiders will also be able to enter a series of sweepstakes and buy a buildable LEGO cassette player for 2,400 points or a festive bauble for 1,800 points.

If there's an exclusive, high price LEGO set you've been eying up, there's going to be few better times to buy it then this coming weekend.

Posted by Graham on 14th November 2023

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