Every LEGO Architecture Set Retiring in 2023, 2024, and 2025

3rd November 2023

LEGO Architecture sets tend to have a longer lifespan than those of sets from other themes. Many can be considered timeless builds, so it's not surprise they hang around for so long. They also tap into the ever bouyant tourist market.

In this article we provide the retirement dates of all LEGO's Architecture sets, most of which are currently due to hang out for at least another year.

LEGO White House set


The only Architecture set leaving shelves this year is the 21054 White House, which is already sold out in the UK and Europe. Therefore, if you live elsewhere, it's a good idea to act quickly if you want to avoid fighting it out on the secondary market.

Set # Name Retirement Date Release Date
21054 The White House 31 Dec 2023 1 Jun 2020
LEGO Singapore set


At the moment, only the 21057 Singapore set is expected to retire next year. The set was only released at the beginning of 2022 so has been given a shorter shelf life than the majority of Architecture sets. This is likely because Singapore isn't the most traveled to destination.

Set # Name Retirement Date Release Date
21057 Singapore 31 Dec 2024 1 Jan 2022
LEGO Great Pyramid of Giza set


Most of the current crop of Architecture sets are going to stay with us until the end of 2025, giving plenty of time to pick them up. This includes New York City, which seems like it will be on shelves forever, having been released way back in 2016.

It's possible that some of these might see their retirement dates brought forward, so it's worth keeping your eye on our Retirement Tracker nearer the time.

The 7 sets currently retiring in 2025 are listed below.

Set # Name Retirement Date Release Date
21028 New York City 31 Dec 2025 1 Jan 2016
21034 London 31 Dec 2025 1 Jan 2017
21042 Statue of Liberty 31 Dec 2025 1 Jun 2018
21044 Paris 31 Dec 2025 1 Jan 2019
21056 Taj Mahal 31 Dec 2025 1 Jun 2021
21058 Great Pyramid of Giza 31 Dec 2025 1 Jun 2022
21060 Himeji Castle 31 Dec 2025 1 Aug 2023
LEGO House set


Finally, the 21037 LEGO House, which is another long-served set, is planned to be around until 2026.

Set # Name Retirement Date Release Date
21037 LEGO House 31 Dec 2026 1 Aug 2017

For the full list of sets retiring in 2023 and beyond, check out our Retirement Tracker.

Posted by Graham on 3rd November 2023

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