First Image Appears of the LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower (76269)

12th October 2023

LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower box

We've been given our first look at the upcoming LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower, thanks to it being found on a store shelf.

It undoubtedly looks like an impressive set, but we already knew it was going to be. The past two LEGO Marvel modular sets have been brilliant so there was no reason to think this one would be any different.

It's difficult to get a true sense of the scale of the build from the box art, but handily there's a hulk big fig clinging on to the side of the tower for scale, and we reckon it's at least 11 big figs tall. That's pretty big.

The image isn't the highest resolution, so we can't get a good look at the minifigures, but we can at least see there are plenty there. The rumour of the biggest minifigure haul yet in a LEGO set looks like it could well be true.

We expect the set to release around Black Friday, but once we know for sure we'll let you know.

Posted by Graham on 12th October 2023

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