Golden Trumpet Tree with Park Bench Achieves 10,000 Supporters

16th July 2022

LEGO Ideas The Office set

Golden Trumpet Tree with Park Bench is the next project to have received support from 10,000 LEGO fans and make it to the review stage, where it is in with a shot of becoming an official set.

The project is the first from designer Doulgas Lambert (@Dlambert) to join the 10K club. It depicts a charming scene of a park bench sitting below a golden trumpet tree that's shedding its leaves. For those unfamiliar with the tree, it's native to Brazil and gains its name from the yellow leaves that appear in Spring. Due to its pleasing aesthetics and small size its grown as a street tree, such as the one shown in this build. The tree is accompanied with a collection of flowering plants beside a circular paved patio area.

The project was inspired by LEGO’s botanical range of sets, which includes the likes of the Orchid (10311) and Bird of Paradise (10289) and would make for an excellent addition to any brick-built nature inspired display. The Golden Trumpet Tree is one of the smallest builds to make it to the second review round as it has been cleverly designed to match the proportions of the 10281 Bonzai Tree set.

The results of the second 2022 review are expected around the end of the year, and we will keep you updated as to the winner in due course. The other 31 sets it joins are listed below:

Posted by Graham on 16th July 2022

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