James Webb Space Telescope Hits 10,000 Supporters on LEGO Ideas for the Third Time

27th October 2023

LEGO Ideas James Webb Space Telescope project
LEGO Ideas James Webb Space Telescope project

The James Webb Space Telescope project by designer tonysmyuncle has reached 10,000 supporters for the third time on LEGO Ideas. The last time it hit the milestone was in 2022, and seemingly the project has undergone no changes since then.

Unfortunately, I think it's unlikely to be third time lucky. It's possible that the project was previously rejected only on the basis other "stronger" designs pipping it to the post, and while that might not be the case this time round, it's more likely that LEGO has other issues with the project.

LEGO Ideas James Webb Space Telescope project

One such fault might be to do with the 18 movable hexagonal segments, which act like mirrors reflecting light to the telescope lens. The project depicts these in chrome plated pieces, which looks fantastic, but LEGO has discontinued the use of chrome plating in its sets due to quality concerns. Creating the project's central mirror in pearl gold would undoubtedly compromise the design and leave us with a much less impressive set.

LEGO Ideas James Webb Space Telescope project

Time will tell, but there's clearly a lot of demand for this project.

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Posted by Graham on 27th October 2023

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