January 2024 LEGO Shopping Guide

1st January 2024

Today sees the release of 100s of new LEGO sets. So if you've got any money left after Christmas, there's plenty of good new sets to buy.

Below is a list of all the new releases under each theme.

LEGO Retro Food Truck


The Retro Food Truck is available today with a qualifying spend of £170 / $190 / €190 or more.

Set # Name Pieces Available From Spend Required
40681 Retro Food Truck 310 1st January 2024 - 16th January 2024 £170 / $190 / €190 or more
LEGO The Fauna Collection - Macaw Parrots


The only new Art set is the Macaw Parrots.

Set # Name
31211 The Fauna Collection - Macaw Parrots
LEGO Spring Festival Mickey Mouse


We're also only getting one additional BrickHeadz set for now, which is Mickey Mouse in his Spring Festival attire.

Set # Name
40673 Spring Festival Mickey Mouse
LEGO Modular Space Station


There are plenty of new City sets available now, including plenty of Space-themed builds.

Set # Name
60419 Police Prison Island
60414 Fire Station with Fire Truck
60432 Command Rover and Crane Loader
60433 Modular Space Station
60434 Space Base and Rocket Launchpad
60430 Interstellar Spaceship
60404 Burger Truck
60413 Fire Rescue Plane
60418 Police Mobile Crime Lab Truck
60431 Space Explorer Rover and Alien Life
60438 Sailboat
60405 Emergency Rescue Helicopter
60417 Police Speedboat and Crooks' Hideout
60428 Space Construction Mech
60429 Spaceship and Asteroid Discovery
60415 Police Car and Muscle Car Chase
60412 4x4 Fire Truck with Rescue Boat
60406 Race Car and Car Carrier Truck
60401 Construction Steamroller
60402 Blue Monster Truck
60400 Go-Karts and Race Drivers
60403 Emergency Ambulance and Snowboarder
60411 Fire Rescue Helicopter
60399 Green Race Car
60410 Fire Rescue Motorcycle
LEGO Creative Vehicles


Set # Name
11036 Creative Vehicles
11035 Creative Houses
11034 Creative Pets
11037 Creative Space Planets
LEGO Space Astronaut

Creator 3-in-1

Ten new Creator sets have arrived on shelves today, which includes some nice display models, such as the Tropical Ukulele, Space Astronaut, and Retro Roller Skate.

Set # Name
31147 Retro Camera
31157 Exotic Peacock
31150 Wild Safari Animals
31156 Tropical Ukulele
31152 Space Astronaut
31149 Flowers in Watering Can
31148 Retro Roller Skate
31155 Hamster Wheel
31145 Red Dragon
31146 Flatbed Truck with Helicopter
LEGO Mini Disney Ariels Castle


Set # Name
40708 Mini Disney Ariel's Castle
43241 Rapunzel's Tower & The Snuggly Duckling
43246 Disney Princess Market Adventure
43238 Elsa's Frozen Castle
43234 Elsa's Frozen Treats
43233 Belle's Storytime Horse Carriage
LEGO The Sandmans Tower


DreamZzz took LEGO creativity to a whole new level in 2023 and these five new additions look to be continuing that theme.

Set # Name
71477 The Sandman's Tower
71475 Mr. Oz's Space Car
71476 Zoey and Zian the Cat-Owl
71472 Izzie's Narwhal Hot-Air Balloon
71471 Mateo's Off-Road Car
LEGO Andreas Modern Mansion


2023 was the year that AFOLs took note of the Friends theme and there are some more nice sets here, such Andrea's Modern Mansion.

Set # Name
42639 Andrea's Modern Mansion
42619 Pop Star Music Tour Bus
42620 Olly and Paisley's Family Houses
42604 Heartlake City Shopping Mall
42616 Heartlake City Music Talent Show
42621 Heartlake City Hospital
42610 Karaoke Music Party
42605 Mars Space Base and Rocket
42617 Farm Animal Sanctuary
42614 Vintage Fashion Store
42615 Pet Adoption Day
42601 Hamster Playground
42613 Heartlake City Hospital Ambulance
42603 Stargazing Camping Vehicle
42606 Mobile Bakery Food Cart
42633 Hot Dog Food Truck
42612 Cat Playground Adventure
42634 Horse and Pony Trailer
42608 Tiny Store Accessories
42632 Farm Animal Vet Clinic
42607 Autumn's Baby Cow Shed
42609 Electric Car and Charger
LEGO Bouquet of Roses


Set # Name
10328 Bouquet of Roses
LEGO Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull

Jurassic World

Set # Name
76963 Baby Dinosaur Rescue Center
76964 Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull
LEGO X-Men X-Jet


There's a generous helping of fresh Marvel sets, such as the highly anticipated X-Men X-Jet and Spider-Man vs. Sandman: Final Battle.

Set # Name
76281 X-Men X-Jet
76280 Spider-Man vs. Sandman: Final Battle
76282 Rocket & Baby Groot
76277 War Machine Mech Armor
76279 Spider-Man Race Car & Venom Green Goblin
76275 Motorcycle Chase: Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock
76278 Rocket's Warbird vs. Ronan
76276 Venom Mech Armor vs. Miles Morales
76285 Spider-Man's Mask
LEGO The Frog House


Set # Name
21254 The Turtle Beach House
21257 The Devourer Showdown
21255 The Nether Portal Ambush
21256 The Frog House
21251 Steve's Desert Expedition
LEGO Minifigures Series 25


As is customary, the start of the year sees the latest instalment in the Collectible Minifigure Series come out.

Set # Name
71045 LEGO® Minifigures Series 25
LEGO Megapolis City 5th Anniversary

Monkie Kid

I've long been a fan of Monkie Kid, and this year the theme celebrates its 5-year anniversary. To mark the occasion, LEGO have released the Megapolis City 5th Anniversary set, which looks fantastic.

Set # Name
80054 Megapolis City 5th Anniversary
80053 Mei's Dragon Mech
80051 Monkie Kid's Mini Mech
80050 Creative Vehicles
LEGO Egalt the Master Dragon


There's a large selection of new NINJAGO sets, with nine hitting shelves today.

Set # Name
71809 Egalt the Master Dragon
71808 Kai's Elemental Fire Mech
71806 Cole's Elemental Earth Mech
71807 Sora's Elemental Tech Mech
71805 Jay's Mech Battle Pack
71803 Arin's Rising Dragon Strike
71801 Kai's Rising Dragon Strike
71804 Arin's Battle Mech
71802 Nya's Rising Dragon Strike
LEGO Knuckles Guardian Mech

Sonic the Hedgehog

Only one new Sonic the Hedgehog set so far, which gives us our first Knuckles minifigure.

Set # Name
76996 Knuckles' Guardian Mech
LEGO Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack

Star Wars

Two new Star Wars sets, including the Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack, which will be high on the wishlist of any army builder.

Set # Name
75372 Clone Trooper™ & Battle Droid™ Battle Pack
75384 The Crimson Firehawk™
LEGO Bowsers Muscle Car Expansion Set

Super Mario

Set # Name
71431 Bowser's Muscle Car Expansion Set
71432 Dorrie's Sunken Shipwreck Adventure Expansion Set
71428 Yoshis' Egg-cellent Forest Expansion Set
LEGO Mack LR Electric Garbage Truck


Set # Name
42167 Mack® LR Electric Garbage Truck
42168 John Deere 9700 Forage Harvester
42163 Heavy-Duty Bulldozer
42166 NEOM McLaren Extreme E Race Car
42164 Off-Road Race Buggy
Posted by Graham on 1st January 2024

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