LEGO Icons Tranquil Garden (10315) Officially Revealed

15th June 2023

LEGO Tranquil Garden set
LEGO Tranquil Garden set

Set number: 10315

Price: £94.99 / $109.99 / €104.99

Pieces: 1,363

Available: 1st August 2023

Where to buy?: View at the LEGO® Shop now

LEGO has revealed Tranquil Garden, the second new Icons set in two days, following the announcement of the Eldorado Fortress yesterday.

This set takes us on a trip East, with a replica of a traditional Japanese garden, complete with arched red bridge over a koi inhabited stream, a wooden pavilion with tea room, pink lotus blossom trees and lotus flowers, stone lanterns, bamboo and more.

LEGO Tranquil Garden set

The set has a diorama style design and is built to microscale, so no minifigures are included. This decision was no doubt made with the display value of the model in mind, as its proportions nicely complement LEGO's other botanical themed sets.

In total, 1,363 pieces make up the build, which will retail for £94.99 / $109.99 / €104.99 and be available from 1 August 2023 from the Official LEGO® Shop.

Posted by Graham on 15th June 2023

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