LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat (21349) Officially Announced

6th May 2024

LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat 21349 set and front of box
LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat 21349 back of box

Set number: 21349

Price: £89.99 / $99.99 / €99.99

Pieces: 1,710

Available: 1 June 2024

Where to buy?: View at the LEGO® Shop now!

LEGO has revealed the next Ideas set, which will be available from 1 June. The Tuxedo Cat has 1,710 pieces, which is not too dissimilar from the original project submission. It's also similar in size at 32 cm (12.5 in.) tall, while the building techniques used look to be closely aligned. However, the obvious differences are that the original submission featured a cross between a Siamese and Birman cat and included a milk bowl and fish bone.

The reason for this significant change is unclear, but may well be because black and white cats are more common. I for one though am glad the accessories from the Andres Damian's (a.k.a. By The Yellow Brick) design have been omitted as we get a cheaper set as a result.

The Tuxedo Cat also includes additional pieces for the eyes, so you can choose between yellow or blue. The cat's neck, tail, mouth, ears and front paws all have some degree of articulation, making for several display possibilities.

LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat 21349 set

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Posted by Graham on 6th May 2024

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