LEGO Magic Maze GWP (40596) Officially Revealed

27th September 2023

LEGO Magic Maze set
LEGO Magic Maze set

LEGO added a product listing on its US website earlier today showing a future Gift with Purchase.

The set consists of a marble maze with colour coded areas depicting different environments, such as a desert, beehive, water, and small grassy area.

I have to say, this is one of the more interesting GWPs we've had recently, and at 332 pieces, it's also one of the biggest.

LEGO Magic Maze set

The spend threshold required to qualify for the Magic Maze is not known yet. However, as with all GWPs, LEGO attaches a price to them, despite them not being available to buy separately. This information is useful in working out how much you’re likely to have to spend to get it. The $29.99 that has been attached to the Magic Maze is on the high end, so we expect you’ll need to fork out at least $200 / £200 / €200.

Due to the unique nature of this GWP, it might well be enough to encourage people to spend big when the time comes.

Posted by Graham on 27th September 2023

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