LEGO Microscope Reaches 10,000 Supporters on LEGO Ideas

3rd November 2023

LEGO Ideas LEGO Microscope project
LEGO Ideas LEGO Microscope project

The LEGO Microscope project has reached the 10,000 supporters needed to make it into the current review round on LEGO Ideas.

The project is designed by the popular Youtuber Brick Science, who many people will know from his recent video where he flooded his LEGO city.

LEGO Ideas LEGO Microscope project

The microscope design features a revolving lens and stage for viewing brick-based specimens, which can be raised and lowered using Technic gears. The project also makes use of power functions parts to incorporate a working light that can be turned on and off using a side knob.

The project was designed in only a few hours in Brick Science's challenge to design three LEGO sets in under 24 hours. The other two sets that came out of this are currently in the "Gaining Support" phase and can be viewed here.

The other sets currently in the review round are:

Posted by Graham on 3rd November 2023

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