LEGO Reveals Ideas Typewriter Set (21327)

9th June 2021

LEGO Ideas Typewriter Set

A few days ago LEGO teased the release of the Ideas Typewriter set and today they have done a full reveal. The set, which will be based on the Ideas submission by Steve Guinness, will be the first of the wave approved in January 2020 to hit the shelves of a LEGO store near you. The other successful submissions from that wave are the "Seinfeld 30th Anniversary" and "Home Alone. McCallister's House" sets.

The Typewriter is set number 21327 and will be released to VIPs on 16th June with the wider release on 1st July. It will consist of 2,079 pieces and will be priced at $199.99.

The Typewriters design looks fantastic especially in that dark green colour and all of the keys when pressed operate a centered typebar as well as moving the paper bar across. Another nice bonus is that all of the keys are printed pieces rather than stickers.

LEGO Ideas Typewriter Set
Posted by Chris on 2nd June 2021

Chris has been playing with LEGO bricks for as long as he can remember. His favorite themes are Icons, Star Wars and Harry Potter

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