Medieval Seaside Market Achieves 10,000 Supporters on LEGO Ideas

18th January 2023

LEGO Ideas Medieval Seaside Market

The Medieval Seaside Market is the next project to reach 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas and is now in contention to become an official set.

Medieval themed projects have long been popular on LEGO Ideas, with many having previously reached the 10K mark. There are also three others currently under review: Medieval Watchtower, Medieval Guarded Inn, and Medieval Alchemist.

LEGO Ideas Medieval Seaside Market

The majority of medieval sets have focused on terrestrial buildings, with maritime locations and vehicles having been left at the wayside. This project aims to correct this by bringing us a fortified seaside market made from 2,372 pieces. It features a main tower with harbour master's office and loading/unloading area, smaller towers for defence, lighthouse tower, market area, docks, and a small cargo vessel.

LEGO Ideas Medieval Seaside Market

The whole build is connected, meaning any one of the 11 included minifigures can access every area. As well as being a set for Castle lovers, the maritime nature of this project means it will also appeal to Pirate fans, and would help integrate the two themes. This project also places everyday life at the forefront, rather than battling and conquering, which is more historically realistic.

LEGO Ideas Medieval Seaside Market

Considering that a medieval project has already made it onto shelves (21325 Medieval Blacksmith), this might hurt this project's chances, as we suspect that LEGO will prefer to diversify its Ideas range. It also depends on whether LEGO has anymore Castle sets up its sleeve, after we saw the theme's rival last year with the 10305 Lion Knights' Castle.

The Medieval Seaside Market joins seven other projects that have already reached the 10K mark. These are:

Posted by Graham on 18th January 2023

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