Moon Palace Enters the Third LEGO Ideas Review Round of 2023

13th September 2023

LEGO Ideas Moon Palace
LEGO Ideas Moon Palace

The Moon Palace has reached 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas and now enters the third review round of 2023.

The project is inspired by the Asian legend of the Moon goddess Chang'e and the Moon rabbit.

According to the fable, Chang'e ended up being exiled to the moon aftering taking an immortal elixir, whereupon she lived in the moon palace with the moon rabbit. The moon rabbit is a mythical character in many east Asian cultures, such as Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnam, and is believed to be inspired by dark markings on the near-side of the moon. These marks are said to resemble a rabbit pounding a pot of rice-cake.

LEGO Ideas Moon Palace

The build shows the palace sitting within a crescent moon, which has been reinforced with a technic inner frame to give it structural support.

The Moon Palace is designed based on the Asian architecture style, and is accompanied by a golden arc bridge, a lily pond, and cinnamon trees. The interior includes a kitchen with a tea-table, Moon rabbit's room, an art room for painting and calligraphy, and a star-gazing room on the top floor.

The project includes three minifigures of Change'e, the Moon rabbit, and Wu Gang who has an eternal task of cutting back the cinnamon trees.

LEGO Ideas Moon Palace

The Moon Palace joins the following projects in the third review round of 2023:

Posted by Graham on 13th September 2023

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