Retiring LEGO Sets Are Already Selling Out

11th October 2023

It's only mid-October, yet some popular LEGO sets have already started selling out. Although the retirement date of sets leaving shelves this year is technically 31 December, this is just a guideline. Sets are not guaranteed to be available until the very last day of the year as high demand can see stocks run out well in advance of that date. That’s why it’s best to start buying early to avoid disappointment and shelling out more on the aftermarket.

It seems like the current double VIP points event is seeing a lot of spending, with the franchised themes, such as Star Wars, Marvel, and Harry Potter, being hit the hardest.

A list of some of the sets that have already sold out is provided below.

Star Wars



Harry Potter




These sets may still be available from other retailers, so it's worth checking their sites soon. See our Amazon Price Tracker for all daily discounts.

To find out the full list of sets retiring this year, check out our retirement tracker.

Posted by Graham on 11th October 2023

Graham is a passionate LEGO collector, who has a penchant for the Castle, Pirates, and Western themes. You can usually find him monitoring the latest developments and giving his opinion on what's hot and not in the LEGO world.