The Cat Project Makes It To 10,000 Supporters on LEGO Ideas

21st November 2022

LEGO Ideas The Cat

The Cat project is the latest to get support from 10,000 people on LEGO Ideas and could therefore become an official set.

The project depicts a cross between a Siamese and Birman cat, which sits at just over 30cm tall and contains 1,972 pieces. The design is incredibly lifelike and captures the feline cuteness that so many of us love.

LEGO Ideas The Cat

One of the biggest challenges was creating realistic eyes, which was been achieved by using curved translucent blue parts.

Besides the main build, there is a milk bowl and fish skeleton, which make for nice accessories and complement the display potential of this project.

LEGO Ideas The Cat

The designer is The Yellow Brick (a.k.a. Andres Damian), and this is his first entry into the 10K Club. As the designer himself acknowledges, a cat-themed LEGO set would appeal to a wide audience, so it could be a strong contender in the last review round of 2022.

Cat joins the 23 other projects that have already made it to the review round. The full list of supported projects is provided below:

Posted by Graham on 21st November 2022

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