The House of Open Shutters Achieves 10,000 Supporters on LEGO Ideas

21st November 2022

LEGO Ideas The House of Open Shutters

The House of Open Shutters has gained enough support on LEGO Ideas to be in the running to become an official set.

The project sounds like it's the setting of the latest Hollywood thriller, but it in fact depicts a traditional Polish house which is built from wood and has hand-painted shutters.

LEGO Ideas The House of Open Shutters

The house has a large sloping roof, which can be removed to expose the cosy interior. However, the outside is where the most attention has been given, and it's incredibly detailed. The surrounding garden is full of grasses and shrubs, as well as an old tree with bird feeder. There's also a well, bench, water barrel, and a small section of fence at the front of the house. LEGO Ideas The House of Open Shutters

The house is home to two minifigures of a pair of artists and their two dogs.

The design looks beautiful and would make a great display model. However, despite its beauty, we can't help thinking its chances of coming out top in the review stage could be limited. This is because the A-Frame Cabin has been approved to become a LEGO Ideas set, and there are some similarities between the two, as both are wooden houses with large sloping roofs. Therefore, LEGO may want to diversify their Ideas offering and go with something different. Time will tell, and we should find out early next year who the winner is from the final review round in 2022. LEGO Ideas The House of Open Shutters

The other 24 projects that have already made it to the review stage are listed below:

Posted by Graham on 21st November 2022

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