The NeverEnding Story (40th Edition) Makes It To 10,000 Supporters

23rd October 2022

LEGO Ideas The NeverEnding Story (40th Edition)

The NeverEnding Story has collected enough support from fans to now be in the running to be turned into an official LEGO Ideas set.

As the name suggests, this project is based on The NeverEnding Story, which was a 1980’s fantasy movie adaptation of the book of the same name. The movie centers around Bastian Bux, a boy who finds a magical book about a young warrior called Atreyu who must stop a dark force called the "Nothing" from devouring the wonderland of Fantasia.

The project features the flying luck dragon Falkor, who acts as Atreyu’s guardian and means of transport in Fantasia. It also includes minifigures of Bastian, Atreya, Atreya’s beloved horse Artax, and the Empress, who they must save in order to bring peace to Fantasia.

LEGO Ideas The NeverEnding Story (40th Edition)

The project’s creator is FACEBRICKUP, who previously made it to the 10K through their Forestmen Secret Inn, which is currently under review.

While we think it's a great concept for an Ideas set, the movie only achieved moderate success outside of Europe, so its appeal could be more limited than other projects.

The NeverEnding Story joins the 18 other projects that have already made it to the third and final review round of 2022. The full list of supported projects is provided below:

Posted by Graham on 23rd October 2022

Graham is a passionate LEGO collector, who has a penchant for the Castle, Pirates, and Western themes. You can usually find him monitoring the latest developments and giving his opinion on what's hot and not in the LEGO world.

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