The Top 10 LEGO Sets of 2021

1st January 2022

2021 was a year to forget for many as it just seemed to be a repeat of 2020 but one silver lining was the release of some fantastic LEGO sets. In this article we'll count down our favourite sets from the past 12 months. In total there were 935 sets released but these are our top 10.

LEGO Everyone is Awesome

10. Everyone is Awesome (40516)

Personally I don't like it when LEGO uses its products to make a political statement as I believe at the end of the day they should first and foremost just be toys, however with set 40516 I'm happy to make an exception.

The simple yet striking set sends a great message, everyone is awesome regardless of your gender, race, sexuality, disability etc. In a world that seems increasingly divided it's nice when a set like this comes along that celebrates our differences rather than letting them drive us apart.

LEGO Medieval Blacksmith set

9. Medieval Blacksmith (21325)

If you ask any AFOL what their favourite theme has been over the years, Castle will probably feature quite high up that list. So it was great when we got a blast from the past this year with the Medieval Blacksmith. It's a set that packs a tonne of detail into a relatively small space and leaves us thinking "What can't we have more of this?"!

However sadly with less original themes and more and more licenced themes being the trend over recent years it's unlikely that we'll see LEGO bring back a full range of Castle sets any time soon

LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set

8. NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283)

This one I'm slightly biassed on just because I love anything space related. In recent years LEGO has been killing it with the NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309), NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander and the International Space Station (21321).

The Space Shuttle Discovery is a great edition to the theme and was definitely at the top of my Christmas list (I got it :) ).

LEGO Flower Bouquet

7. Flower Bouquet (10280)

I always think it's great when LEGO releases a set that can appeal to a new audience, people who may not have picked up a LEGO set before, and I feel like this set did just that.

The Flower Bouquet isn't a play set or a display model per se but rather a beautiful, permanent home ornament.

LEGO Bonsai Tree

6. Bonsai Tree (10281)

With a large number of people having moved to full time remote work over the past two years, and looking to spruce up their home office, the Bonsai Tree was released at an ideal time. I love how this set can give you enjoyment each day yet doesn't break the bank.

LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship

5. Republic Gunship (75309)

It's kind of a given that every year we'll get a new UCS Star Wars set, infact LEGO fans knew this one was coming for quite a while and it didn't disappoint. Whenever I build a LEGO set the finished product is always bigger than I imagined and when I was building the Republic Gunship I was just blown away by the scale of it.

My only gripe with this set is it would have been nice to have gotten more than 2 minifigures, but when the model looks that good I can't be too picky.

LEGO Typewriter

4. Typewriter (21327)

The typewriter features on our top 10 list because it's an amazing technical achievement. To create a working typewriter (minus ink of course) using LEGO bricks is something that should be applauded, I take my hat off to you Wes Talbott.

LEGO NINJAGO City Gardens set

3. NINJAGO City Gardens (71741)

I am someone who missed out on the NINJAGO city and I've been annoyed with myself ever since. Therefore it was great when NINJAGO City Garden was released back in February as it went some way to softening the blow.

I don't think it's as good as NINJAGO city which is a contender for one of the greatest sets of all time, but boy it comes close.

LEGO Titanic

2. Titanic (10294)

When you see official images of a new LEGO set for the first time, your first impressions stay with you. I remember when I saw images of the Titanic set I was speechless for a few moments.

LEGO Daily Bugle

1. Daily Bugle (76178)

Taking money out of the equation, if I could have any set released in 2021 it would be the Daily Bugle. As a massive Spider-man fan I've waited a long time for a large-scale build and the iconic Daily Bugle was a perfect choice. This set has everything, it's a great play set, a fantastic display piece and features some amazing exclusive minifigures!

Posted by Chris on 1st January 2022

Chris has been playing with LEGO bricks for as long as he can remember. His favorite themes are Icons, Star Wars and Harry Potter