The Witch House magics its way to 10,000 Supporters

29th June 2022

The White House LEGO Ideas

The Witch House has achieved 10,000 supporters at LEGO Ideas, meaning its in the running for being turned into an official set.

The design of the set was a collaborative effort between Castor Troy and Max Brich. The two are no strangers to LEGO Ideas as they have worked on numerous projects together before, several of which have made it to the 10K club. These include the Motorized Steampunk Skyship and Steampunk Explorers, which are at the review stage, and the Movie Set and The Nanny, which both fell at the final hurdle and were not approved for production.

The house takes the form of a quaint cottage with a charming interior and paints the witch as a benevolent character rather than an evil sorceress. The set has been designed with display in mind and has some unique features such as a cascading waterfall that can be hung over the edge of a shelf.

The Witch House is not the first magical fan-based submission that has made it to the 10K mark. Hocus Pocus – Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage and Fantasy Castle have both been rejected by LEGO after review. It also joins many other medieval inspired projects, the majority of which haven’t been approved for production either. This is likely a result of the 21325 Medieval Blacksmith, which was confirmed as an official Ideas set only a couple of years ago, and LEGO wanting more variety across the Ideas theme. This is a shame for many as there is clearly a huge appetite out there for the Middle Ages style builds.

While the signs are not the most encouraging for this set to come out top in the next review, it would nicely complement the Medieval Blacksmith and newly announced 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle. We’ll keep you updated on the results of the second 2022 review, which is expected around the end of the year.

The other projects that have made it so far are:

Posted by Graham on 29th June 2022

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