Three Projects Make It to 10,000 Supporters on LEGO Ideas in a Single Day

29th November 2022

LEGO Ideas The Alpine Refuge

The Alpine Refuge, The Clock Tower Park, and The Mechanical Flip Clock have all gathered enough support from the LEGO community to be the running to become an official set.

LEGO Ideas The Clock Tower Park

All three are fantastic looking projects, but the Mechanical Clock has gone down better than most, as it has raced from 0 to 10,000 supporters in a little over a month, which must be pushing for the record. It has also been picked as a favourite amongst the LEGO staff. The clock mechanism is powered by a motor that automatically moves the flaps at different speeds. Don't rely on it too heavily though, as it's not 100% accurate! Still, it's a highly impressive and innovative build.

LEGO Ideas The Mechanical Flip Clock

The Clock Tower Park is one of the most beautiful models I've seen on LEGO Ideas. All the detail used to create the antique architecture is remarkable, as is the surrounding park. The height would also make it an excellent display piece. It also fits into the same footprint as the Icons modular buildings range. It's certainly one I'll have my fingers crossed for.

The third project to join the 10K club today was The Alpine Refuge. There's certainly a lot of demand for snowy themed builds as many have made it to the review stage previously. One such example is theWinter Chalet, which was selected for the Bricklink Designer Program and was successful in its bid to make it to production. It's likely that this could act against The Alpine Refuge's chances, but time will tell.

These three projects join 27 other projects in the third and final review round of 2022, which will include projects getting enough support between early September 2022 and early January 2023. The full list of supported projects is provided below:

Posted by Graham on 29th November 2022

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