What's the Best LEGO Minifigure Ever? - New Algorithm Developed to Find Out

4th December 2023

Brickelo website

The subject of the best LEGO minifigure ever released is one of much debate. Everyone has their own personal favourites so it's hard to get a definite answer to this question. However, a powerful new tool has recently launched that aims to settle the debate using a mathematical approach.

Brickelo uses an ELO rating system to rank minifigures, a system which was originally developed for calculating the skill level of chess players.

It works by adjusting each player's score based on whether they win or lose a match, with the amount of points being given or deducted being determined by the scores of each player took into the match.

For those of you who've seen The Social Network movie, you'll remember a similar approach being taken by Mark Zuckerburg to rate the attractiveness of female students at Harvard when he created the Facemash website. Hopefully ranking minifigures will prove to be slightly less controversial…

In this instance, Brickelo asks users to pick their favourite from two randomly selected minifigures. Repeating this process again and again generates scores for each minifigure ever released and a list of the highest rated LEGO minifigures.

Brickelo website

Using an ELO algorithm has an advantage over more traditional methods of ranking, such as asking people to rate on a scale of 1 to 10, because it's much less subjective. With a numbered scale, the numbers mean different things to different people. It's also much easier to pick a favourite between two minifigures rather than decide on a score out of 10.

If you want to give your input into generating the definite list of greatest minifigures, you can visit the website to start ranking!

Posted by Graham on 4th December 2023

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