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Steve is a LEGO minifigure that appeared in the The Cave , The Farm , The First Night , Crafting Box , The Dungeon , The Snow Hideout , The Village , The Ocean Monument , The Melon Farm , The Farm Cottage , The Skeleton Attack and 14 other sets.

This minifigure currently has a value of $1.29 based on average sale price over the last 6 months.

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On average this minifigure is worth 0.0% less in a new condition than in a used condition.

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There have been 2445 confirmed sales of the Steve minifigure in the last 6 months. Of these 2445 sales, 2088 have been in a new condition and 357 have been in a used condition

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Minifigure details

Name: Steve

Theme: Minecraft

Appears in: 25 sets

Bricklink code: min009

Minifigure value

Confidence: High

Current value: $1.29

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13438th most valuable LEGO minifigure
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16th most valuable LEGO Steve minifigure