The Ultimate LEGO Muppets CMF Minifigure Series Feel Guide

8th May 2022

LEGO Muppets CMF Minifigure Series

With the LEGO Muppets CMF series official release date of 1st May having been and gone, and more and more shops starting to stock the highly anticipated series, we've prepared a feel guide to help you find all 12 with hopefully no duplicates!

Kermit the Frog

LEGO Kermit the Frog minifigure

Best pieces to feel for

  • Banjo
  • Rainbox curved tile

Kermit the Frog is probably the most well known Muppets character so will no doubt be high on everyone's list to get. He should be relatively easy to find by identifying his banjo but be careful not to mistake it for the guitar that comes with Janice. If unsure try to also identify the curved tile piece that is also included.

Miss Piggy

LEGO Miss Piggy minifigure

Best pieces to feel for

  • 2 x 3 tile piece
  • Head piece

When feeling the blind bags I sometimes find it hard to rely on just the head piece alone. Even though in this series they are all unique shapes it can be easy to mistake them. With Miss Piggy it shouldn't be that difficult because her ears should be recognisable but if that fails she's the only minifigure in the series with a 2 x 3 tile piece as an accessory, so it might be better to look for that.


LEGO Gonzo minifigure

Best pieces to feel for

  • Head piece

Forgetting what I said about head pieces earlier, Gonzo's head should be one everyone can find because of that nose!


LEGO Animal minifigure

Best pieces to feel for

  • Round tile pieces

Animal comes with a brick built drum kit as his accessory which is made up of multiple round 2 x 2 bricks and tiles. He's the only minifigure to have any round 2 x 2 pieces so all you need to do is find one of those to make sure it's him. Secondly the bag will contain 12 pieces, by far the most in this series, so if the bag feels particularly full that may be another good way to identify him.


LEGO Beaker minifigure

Best pieces to feel for

  • Head piece
  • Walkie talkie

Beaker comes with a walkie talkie which is constructed using a radio piece and a 1 x 2 tile. Don't rely on the tile because Slator's laptop also uses this piece but you could try to find the antenna on the radio. Also his head piece has a very distinctive shape which should be straightforward to find.


LEGO Janice minifigure

Best pieces to feel for

  • Guitar

Like Kermit the Frog we recommend feeling for Janice's guitar. Whereas Kermit's banjo has a circular bottom, this guitar will have the traditional shape.


LEGO Slator minifigure

Best pieces to feel for

  • Laptop

Personally I think Slator is the most difficult minifigure to feel for in this series. His head doesn't have any distinctive shapes apart from his chin and can be easily confused with Waldorf. Your best bet is to search for the 3 pieces that make up his laptop. Good luck with this one!


LEGO Waldorf minifigure

Best pieces to feel for

  • 2 x 2 tile

Waldorf only comes with one accessory, a 2 x 2 tile. No other figure has a 2 x 2 tile so finding it will be key to adding him to your collection.

Fozzie Bear

LEGO Fozzie Bear minifigure

Best pieces to feel for

  • Banana
  • Mic stand

The banana and mic stand accessories included with Fozzie Bear should give plenty of opportunities to single him out. We recommend trying to locate the thin black bar piece that is used in the mic stand build.

Swedish Chef

LEGO Swedish Chef minifigure

Best pieces to feel for

  • Head piece

The Swedish chef's head and hat is all one piece which will feel very large when feeling the bag. If you think you've found it try to confirm it by feeling for the shape of the chef's hat at either end.

Rowlf the Dog

LEGO Rowlf the Dog minifigure

Best pieces to feel for

  • Head piece
  • White arch 1 x 2

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

LEGO Dr. Bunsen Honeydew minifigure

Best pieces to feel for

  • Head piece
  • Flask

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew is another tricky one. His head is quite round and smaller than the other figs in the series so depending on your feeling skill level this might be all you need. However your best bet will be to find the pink flask he is holding.

Posted by Chris on 8th May 2022

Chris has been playing with LEGO bricks for as long as he can remember. His favorite themes are Icons, Star Wars and Harry Potter